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Posted on Oct 25, 2017 by in 20 with Down Syndrome |

5 years old * strong and in good health * loves to play * can stand and walk independently * has a ready smile * follows simple instructions

May 2017 report from the adoption agency WACAP – as “Archer”
Archer is an active, and sometimes restless kid whose favorite activity is playing on the slide. His favorite toys are balls, and the little car that he can drive around in. He takes a two hour nap each afternoon, but he’s a pretty light sleeper, according to his nannies. He has a good appetite, and enjoys eating snacks. Archer is diagnosed with Down syndrome. As of May 2016, he knows how to take a toy block out of a cup and has a good command over his thumb and index fingers. He bangs blocks together too. In an update from May 2017, he can now stand and walk independently! He follows simple instructions, and attends preschool at the orphanage. His nannies say that he has quick reactions, but can also be a bit impatient. Archer babbles words like “yiya” and he sometimes tries to imitate his caregiver’s words. This chubby-cheeked little guy deserves to grow up with the love and support of his family.

May 2016 report from the adoption agency CHI (Children’s House International) – as “Winkler”
“Winkler is so cool he rules! He can rock his roll on the plasma car. While he is still perfecting walking independently, he is able to crawl to all the toys he is eager to grab and manipulate. Winkler is reported to be strong and in good physical health with no heart condition or other medical issues. Current video has been requested and will be posted as soon as it arrives.
Winkler’s reports also share, “Motor development: he can crawl; can use thumb and index finger deftly.
Adaptability: he can take objects, can take out toy blocks from the cup, and can take the toy positively he is interested with.
Language and social ability: he can make sounds of yiya, and can imitate the pronunciation.
Personality: he is active and restless, ready to smile, likes playing toys, has quick reaction to objects, but occasionally impatient.

Has been with GWCA as “Willem”. You can contact them directly to ask about Willem.

He is on Reece’s Rainbow with a grant as “Winkler”
WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant if he is adopted through them. He was “Archer” with them in Summer 2017.

If you want to know more about how to adopt this sweet boy, have questions about his special need, or have questions about adoption in general, please send me an e-mail.