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Wesley has a Family!

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 by in I Have a Family |

Wesley Wesley
Wesley’s volunteer and friend, Robert, said this about him,

“I want to make you one promise. Five minutes with this kid. That’s right. After just five minutes with this kid, I promise you, you see that this kid is so much more than his disability and so much more than a number or even a face. This kid has potential screaming out of his ears (is that even an expression?) he has ability jumping up and down inside him ready to be released. Thankfully he has spent almost all his life in a foster home, so he has been loved, given love, treated with dignity and had the opportunity to attend some schooling. But what this kid needs more than anything is a forever family of his own.

Jan 2014 Wesley


Wesley is charming and outgoing and capable. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I first met him last summer at Bring Me Hope camp. He wasn’t my buddy but I got to know him well enough to never forget him. I have met 3 of his camp buddies from three different years of camps. Each one has fallen in love with him instantly and he loves each one dearly too. Wesley is by far the most capable at his home. He takes good care of himself and his own needs, and can help with that of others too.

IMG_3445 Wesley

Wesley is one of the smartest 10 year olds I know. His mind is a sponge and he soaks everything up. He loves going to the school at his foster home and learning more and more. He actually knows a LOT of English. I spent 5 weeks at his foster home, and in fact lived at his own home for non-walking kids. He was my little translator while I was there. If one of the nannies needed to ask me something and I couldn’t understand, they would call Wesley and he would come right over and translate. He would say ‘ehhhh…. you come here, what time?’ or ‘you lunch?’ to ask if i would be back in time for dinner. He understands most of what i say and has even picked up some slang words from spending so much time with Australians, Americans and even his Irish gege (me!). Sometimes if I ask him a question he will respond with ‘I dunnoooo’. (when he does very well know!) He can be silly!!”

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Here are some earlier photos

Wesley Wesley