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Posted on Jan 21, 2017 by in 20 Aging Out, 20 Bethel Kids (VI) |

13 years old * lived at Bethel for a short time * likes to dance * likes to find leaves and sticks * Cognitive Delays, Speech Delay, Albinism * made SO much progress at Bethel¬†* currently listed with Agape Adoptions with a $2500 fee reduction. (1-2018) * also on Reece’s Rainbow with an older child grant

See below for most recent update.

URGENT! Victor has been sent back to his orphanage. He hadn’t been at Bethel too long, but progressed, blossomed, and was loved there. When he arrived at Bethel he was pretty broken ūüôĀ A special family is needed to adopt him quickly so he will not lose that feeling of love and all of his progress. Praying for his family to see him today.

These photos were taken during the Archibald Project‘s recent visit at Bethel.¬†

-Victor has a $2,500 fee reduction with Agape Adoptions.
-He is eligible for an Older Child Grant with Reece’s Rainbow.
-Victor is an incredibly helpful and thoughtful 10 year old boy. He is diagnosed with albinism. This sweet boy is so sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. One of his favorite activities is playing on the slide, but if he sees a younger child at the orphanage waiting to go down the slide he will make sure that they get to go first. Every day after school, Victor will help his teachers tidy up the classroom without being asked then will sing the younger children at the orphanage to sleep with the songs he learned in school that day. We know that this sweet, sensitive boy will thrive once he is in a family who loves him and understands his needs. If you would like to learn more about Victor,E-mail Agape Adoptions or call them at 253-987-5804 They have requested updated information for him and would love to have a family waiting for him when it arrives!

In May 2017, a family visited Bethel while they were adopting their child.
They said, “We had the privilege of meeting Victor while picking up our son at Bethel. He was a gentle and sweet boy with crystal white eyelashes. He gently took my hand to say hello. Victor has been released back to his original orphanage and he needs to find his family now.”

February 2017 update

“Victor is still waiting for a family. He has grown very close to his teacher. In the morning the caregivers drop the kids off at school and they walk on their own and wait for their teachers in the classroom. Victor insists every day on waiting for his teacher at the door. He smiles and holds her hand when she comes and they walk upstairs together. He follows her everywhere and she is able to cheer him up if he is having a hard time. It’s been amazing to see their relationship grow but he needs a permanent family to continue encouraging him to grow” – Bethel

Victor walking through the snow holding on to his ayi. Look at that smile!

“Victor has had a hard beginning in life and we hope to find a very special forever family who can cheer him on as he overcomes a rough start.” – Bethel

2016 November Vict

2016 November Victor

Here is a video from December 2016

“Victor has only been at Bethel for one month, and we are very pleased at his progress. He can now walk unassisted, eat solid food, and is in our preschool. He loves toys that make noise and light up, and he likes to dance. When he’s outside he likes to find leaves or sticks that he can inspect.” – Bethel

Victor leaf

Victor leaves

Victor face to leaves

Victor 2
“Victor is starting to communicate but usually it’s very quiet. He is attached to his caregivers and teachers and shows a preference for adults that he trusts. We are very proud of his progress in such a short time, and we can’t wait to see and celebrate each and every accomplishment.” – Bethel

Victor hat 2
Victor best smile

“Victor has lived in the orphanage his entire life. He was born with albinism, and in his home country is thought to be bad luck. He has been shunned by the orphanage caregivers and has substantial delays. He¬†has many coping behaviors¬†but is thriving at Bethel just after a couple months of receiving lots of love and attention. At Bethel, they don’t believe he has autism but he has suffered extreme neglect. Bethel will help him in a safe environment but they believe he needs a family prepared to deal with the trauma he has endured. “He sat next to me and I started to rub his back and he loved it. He laid down and put his head on my lap and I started stroking his head. He likes touch and loved playing outside and getting leaves from the ground and trees. He doesn’t have language but would grab my hand to get my attention.” – Bethel

2016 Nov Victor
2016 11 Victor

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet boy and give him the unconditional love he needs, please send me an e-mail – Jessica