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Tymon – Urgent

Posted on Feb 15, 2016 by in 20 Urgent |

7 year old Tymon (aka Marvin and Timmy)

You can donate to his adoption account here to help a family get to him quickly.

Oh my goodness! Check out his updated videos. He is the sweetest little guy ever! He is currently on the shared list.

RECENT UPDATE: November 2016

Marvin has always done muscle spasm and PT treatment.

When he eats he likes to chew on bread, steamed bread, fried rice, and other solid foods.

Compared to his peers, his language and behavior are behind.

Marvin is lively and cheerful, when you tease him he laughs at you.

Weight: 12k/26.5 lbsHead Circumference: 46cm/18.1 inches, Chest Circumference: 55cm/21.65 inchesHeight: 97cm/38.2



This is Tymon in May 2015…

Timmy moretimmy
…and this is a more recent update of him. You can see that he has changed in a not so good way. Since he is still only on a bottle at age 4, he is obviously not getting the nutrition and love he needs. This makes me sad!

Timmy January 2014

May 2015 update

How is his muscular tension now?
His muscular tension is high, it’s grade III.

Can he walk, run and go up and down stairs?
He can’t walk, run or go up and dwon stairs. But he can sit by himself and turn over his body on his own.

Is he potty trained?
He’s not potty trained yet, and he has intestinal obstruction.

Does he attend preschool? No.

What does he eat? Does he have problems swallowing?
He only drinks formula, he’s never tried other food yet.

Does he receive therapy for this cerebral palsy? Yes, it’s been two and half years.

Is he attached to a Nanny? Yes

Does he have good function of his hands? 
He doesn’t grab things consciously, but he sometimes makes a fist unconsciously.

Can he speak clearly? If he cannot speak clearly, how does he communicate?
He sometimes says “baba, mama, a yi” to himself. He cries when he’s hungry. Because he has intestinal obstruction, he has hard time pooping, he cries when his belly bulging.

His updated measurements
Height: 85cm; Chest: 53cm; Head: 45; Foot: 10cm; Weight: 10kg.

Here is a baby photo of sweet Tymon. If you would like more information on how to adopt sweet Tymon, please send me an e-mail.