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Posted on Mar 23, 2016 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

12 yrs old * blind * possible autism * needs the love, attention, and help a family can give him! * eligible for a $10,000 adoption grant through Reece’s Rainbow * 

Handsome Tobias is 12 years old. He has waited for years for a family!  His greatest need is for a family to love him and help him reach his potential.

These photos were taken in Summer 2015

Summer 2015 pictureSummer 2015 pic

Compared to his peers, he is smaller and has delayed development. He has not attended school at all, which is so sad. This sweet boy has been misunderstood and neglected because of his needs.  But it is not too late! A family’s love could help him be able to express himself the way he needs to and know love from a mom and dad and siblings.

Right now, he does not like being around many people  Many have called him “dissociable” and have used the word autism. But besides his vision impairment he is healthy. He loves small toys that make sounds, and he is a great eater! He needs a family to come into his world and help open up his lines of communication and love him unconditionally.

Please help share about this sweet boy and you can also donate to his adoption account on Reece’s Rainbow to help!

These photos were taken in October 2014

Tobias Tobias sitting
This is from a 2011 Report

“He is normal except he lost the sight of both eyes.
He can talk, sing, walk, play slide and understand the instruction. He knows to put on and off the clothes and shoes, he sits on the potty by himself but he needs diaper at night.
He’s introverted, shy but kind. When he does something wrong and it makes the nanny unhappy he will cry,then the nanny will hold him to calm him down.”

Height:100cm,Weight:15kg,Head circumference:49cm,Chest measurement:53cm,Teeth:21.

Tobias is on the very bottom of the shared list, and has been ignored for way too long. If you or a friend would like to know more about how to adopt Tobias, please send me an e-mail. Thank you! If you are not his family, please share this post so we can find his family together.