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Timmy has a Family!

Posted on May 26, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

New Video of Timmy (aka Davis with GWCA)


June 2015 Photos!

2015 June update June 2015 update

Timmy is in ICC Care, and here is a wonderful blog post about him.

Timmy 8-2014 1 Timmy
From Baobei Foundation on February 24, 2015:

“At Baobei we have seen time and again how genuine love and care can be a critical part of the healing process and can lead to miraculous results. Even so, we continue to be astounded anew every time we see this in action. Shanghai native, Alicia, and her mother spent their Chinese New Year holiday lavishing motherly and grandmotherly care on “Timmy” and gently supporting him through post-surgical therapy. You may remember only one month ago “Timmy” was on the verge of death, and only two and a half weeks ago Timmy was largely unresponsive and immobile after removal of a large brain tumor.

Tommy2 Tommy