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Ted has a Family!

Posted on May 5, 2014 by in I Have a Family |

Ted playing


Ted in movie

Ted nov 2014 Ted cutie

From Bethel China

“Ted is a happy little 5 year old boy in the care of Bethel China. He came to Bethel in November 2013 and it is clear that he was well cared for in his orphanage or foster family. He is happy and cheerful, and he likes giving and receiving affection, both from adults and children. Ted is active, he has good motor skills and likes running, dancing, swinging on the swings, climbing in the playground on his own, and sliding down the slide. He enjoys being in preschool, he especially likes making a mess in art class and creating works of art! He has picked up some English words and is learning colors, numbers, and the alphabet.

Ted at Bethel

Ted’s eyes are perfectly formed but he is totally blind. It is sometimes hard to tell because he is so active! Ted is working on his fine motor skills and pre-braille activities and he will start to learn Braille soon. We have no doubt that he will be reading and writing as fast as he runs and talks!”

Ted sliding Ted cute
If you are interested in sponsoring a child with a visual impairment, you can do that hereĀ Bethel China’s child sponsorship program

Ted going down

Here is a great ebook about adopting a child with a visual impairment!