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Suzy has a family!

Posted on May 11, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

born March 2006 * down syndrome * Obedient and good natured * bonded well with host family * 

She came to the US and was hosted for awhile. This is what her host family said about her: 

“Suzy has adjusted well to being in our home.  We greeted her at Dulles Airport at Washington DC on Thursday, February 25th, and arrived at our home in the evening on Friday, February 26th.  She initially had some anxiety during travel in our vehicle.  This seems to have subsided after the first couple of day trips.  We believe it may be related to not being certain where we were going and if she would be returning to our home.  At this point, after six days with our family, she seems comfortable with our outings, and seems to understand that we will end up back at our house by the end of the day.  This comfort seems to help her.  She does get sleepy while riding in the car, if traveling over 45 minutes at a time.  She naps, and then readily wakes up when we stop. ”

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“Suzy is staying in the bedroom with two of our girls, ages 11 and 8.  She remembers our 8-year old, who was a close friend in China!  She has bonded well to both girls, looking to the older one as a constant guide/helper/playmate, and enjoys playing with the younger one, too.  The girls are often holding hands when we’re walking about during our outings.  Suzy is very sweet to our youngest daughter, age 6, who is wheelchair-bound and cannot speak.  She also gets along well with our two boys, ages 15 and 13.  Suzy is an obedient child, and listens to what we ask her to do.  She also does a good job with our hand gestures, use of English, and demonstrations with the other kids to let her know what we are asking of her.  She is a good-natured child, and has a very pleasant personality.  She often giggles and laughs, and is now saying “hello” to people we pass by in the stores.  She also says “bye” to people readily.  She is seeming to understand us better each day, picking up on what we are saying.

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“Suzy is eating well.  She usually eats a small breakfast, medium size lunch, has snacks during the day, and a larger dinner.  This is by her own choosing, as we let her eat what she needs.  She enjoys the Chinese food that we’ve made or purchased.  We have also had Chick-fil-A and made taco salad, which she liked.  She favors rice, meat, and some vegetables.  We had ice cream this afternoon, which she thoroughly enjoyed! We have gone to the park on a couple of occasions, to the pet store, and gone shopping.  We also went to church on Sunday and to an evening kids program.  We have invited people over to our house to visit as well.  She really does well in stores, and does not reach out to touch a lot of things.  She stays with us in the stores very well.  She liked riding in the cart for a little while.”

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