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Posted on Nov 14, 2017 by in 20 Bethel Kids (VI) |

13 years old * blind * some delays * sweet * affectionate * enjoys hanging out with friends and caregivers *

Shirley’s video playlist!

GRANT AVAILABLE! Shirley now has a $5000 adoption grant from Here I Am Orphan Ministries!

January 2018 video

November 2017 
“Shirley has been at Bethel for 5 years, and is currently 10 years old. She loves to have her hair played with, and enjoys hanging out with her friends and caregivers. She is such a sweet, affectionate little girl and we would love to see her in a family! Shirley is paper ready for adoption!” – Bethel

“Shirley came to us with a lot of delays. She couldn’t sit up or feed herself in the beginning. She has worked so hard with her teachers and caregivers, and her transformation has been so inspiring to see! She can now walk, run, jump, say several simple words, and she understands everything that her caregivers tell her, even though she’s still working on her verbal skills. She is very affectionate and she loves to be cuddled. In class, she likes to sit on a teacher’s lap if she can. She is really social and her caregivers are working on her self help skills. She is toilet trained, she can feed herself (if you help her get the food on her spoon sometimes), and she can put on her socks and shoes. Shirley loves playing on the trampoline, holding hands with friends, and going to preschool. She is learning how to string beads in class. Shirley has also been working hard on her Orientation & Mobility skills, and she’s doing really well!”

Shirley making Music! – June 2017

July 2014 – Shirley walking! 
“In two and a half years in Bethel’s care, Shirley has transformed from a 4 year old girl who wasn’t able to lift her head, to a joyful, happy child who is walking by herself! We are so proud of you, little angel. With love and care, you have blossomed. Thank you to the very committed Bethel team who have patiently loved Shirley and believed in her progress. We’re so proud!”
– Bethel

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