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Shari aka “Piper” HAS A FAMILY!

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by in I Have a Family |

Yippee! She has a family! I’m SO excited!
You can help her family get to her by adding to her adoption account at Reece’s Rainbow.

August 2015 Update! Shari, aka “Piper” on Love Without Boundaries, is seriously adorable!

Piper update Aug 2015 Piper-Quentin-7.15 Aug 2015
Four-year-old Piper has grown by leaps and bounds in the past four months that she has been with her foster family. Piper lives with her foster parents and younger foster brother Quentin, whom she absolutely adores.

The two of them are very sweet together and enjoy playing side by side. She is said to be happiest when playing with Quentin or when she is eating a snack!

Piper combing Piper cutie
She has gained new skills and strength since entering foster care, and her adoption paperwork is ready and waiting for a family to come for her!


I have been watching Shari for awhile now. I just can’t take my eyes off of her. There is just something about 4 year old Shari. Her personality just shines through!! You can sponsor Shari so she can stay in foster care, click here.

April 2015 Update on Shari


“Shari is an adorable (and very lovable) little girl who recently turned 4 years old! She came into care when she was about 1 year old, and was in very poor condition. The nannies reported that to look at her made them sad. They set about to improve her overall health, and were very successful! Shari became a bubbly, healthy little girl who is a joy to everyone at the orphanage. She has the typical delays seen in kids with DS, and also has strabismus (crossed eyes) of both eyes. Shari is a charmer, and will certainly be the princess of your family!”


In January 2014 her update said that she has grown!  She is able to walk around while holding onto something and can stand on her own for a period of time! She is quite a talker and is able to feed herself…although her caretakers have to watch her as she would much rather play than eat! They report Shari can now count to 10 and knows her friends’ names. Her nannies say she is able to follow simple directions and her strength is improving.


 Shari loves music! She loves to “play” the piano, and the nannies enjoy her music! She has made good progress since starting rehabilitation services. Shari is a quiet, timid child with a ready smile. She loves to be cuddled and responds with laughter.

This beautiful baby came into care when she was one year old. Shari has Down syndrome, and had not received any specialized care until she came to the orphanage. They have worked with her every day to build up her muscle tone, and help her improve in all areas. Shari does not have any issues with her heart, and a brain CT showed no abnormalities. She does have strabismus (crossed eyes), which can be corrected with glasses, patching for a short time, or surgery. Shari is a precious little girl. Please open your heart to her! The orphanage director said, “I believe, under the care of others, she can develop, and with the hug and kiss every day she can live healthily and happily”. We believe that, too!