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Posted on Apr 22, 2016 by in 20 Urgent |

Born January 2013 * 5 years old * lymphatic hemangioma, finger and toes deformity, pigeon chest, moderate anemia and mediterranean anemia * thalassemia *  loves to play outdoors and listen to music with his friends * super cute!


MEDICAL NEEDS: How do his medical needs affect his daily life?
His hemangioma makes his hands and feet big and heavy, makes his movement slow. It often bleeds. He feels tired easily after activities.

LIVING ENVIRONMENT: Does he live in the orphanage or is he in foster care? Does he share a room with others? 
He’s living in the orphanage. There are a few older children sharing a room.

 PERSONALITY: What is his normal mood? What makes him happy? How will he react when he doesn’t get what he wants? or when he is disappointed? or angry?
He’s fairly shy, sometimes a little self-contemptuous. He’s happy when he plays with his friends. He’ll be upset when he doesn’t get what he wants. He will cry sadly when he’s disappointed or angry.

 PLAY: What does he like to do or play with outdoors? What does he like to do or play with indoors? Who does he like to play with?
He likes to play with ball, play on slides and ran when he’s outside. He likes to play with toys when he’s inside. He likes toy cars, blocks, etc.

 DREAMS: What does he want to be when he grows up? What does he like to do with his spare time?
He doesn’t understand what dreams means. He likes to wander around with his spare time.

 EDUCATION: Does he attend school? What grade is he in? Is he on the same level as his peers or behind? What is his favorite thing to learn about? What is he learning right now?
He’s attending special education class in the orphanage. His mental development is about the same with his peers. He likes to sing songs. Now he’s learning simple maths, drawing and read poems.

 ADOPTION: Does he understand what adoption is? Has he seen friends be adopted? How does he feel about possibly being adopted/having a family of his own?
He doesn’t understand adoption. He has friends been adopted,  understand his friends went to their mom and dad’s home. He’s very happy if he can go live with dad and mom.

 BEHAVIOR: How does he behave in a class or group type setting? Does he have a lot of energy? Can he sit still and learn? How does he get along with other children, especially younger children?
He’s fairly quiet. He does not have a lot of energy, just so so. He can sit still and listen. He gets along well with other children. He’s gentle with younger children.

 CAREGIVERS: Does he have any special or favorite caregivers? Is he especially attached to one of them? Is he respectful to adults? Can he follow directions when asked to do a task?
Yes, he has special favorite nanny. He is respectful to adults. He can follow directions.

 SURGERIES/MEDICAL CARE: Has he had surgeries? What and When were his surgeries? Does he have consistent therapy? What medical care and therapies do you see him needing when he is adopted?
He’s never had surgery. We hope he will receive treatment for his hemangioma and mediterranean anemia.



“Oh precious little Sebastian, how huggable and kissable you are! This sweet 2-year-old boy, born in January of 2013, loves to imitate his nannies, play outdoors and listen to music with his friends. He is a lively boy who greatly needs a family to stand up and help him get the medical attention he needs and love and snuggle him every step of the way!


Sebastian was found at just a few months old and was brought to the local children’s home for a medical exam and to live. During his initial exam and following blood work, doctors diagnosed him with lymphatic hemangioma, right fingers and left toes deformity, pigeon chest, moderate anemia and mediterranean anemia. Although, little is said about many of those conditions in his file. Sebastian has continued to live in the same children’s home up to the present time.

Caregivers state that Sebastian has mental development on par with his peers, he can understand instructions to finish actions, he can eat on his own, he will tell his caretaker if he wants something. However, he doesn’t absorb nutrients well and does not eat much which leads to him catching the cold, fever and cough more frequently. As he has grown, his hands and left feet have developed hypertrophy. Despite the swelling in his fingers, he is able to draw lines, place a block in and out of a cup, and turn pages of a book. Sebastian would benefit from proper and routine medical care and treatment to help his little body gain the weight and strength he needs.


While his file does list thalassemia in his diagnosis, there is no mention of whether or not he is currently receiving transfusions. Sebastian’s file contains info on his vaccinations to date, CT scan results, medical notes from routine examinations and UCG test results.

Sebastian’s file was prepared earlier this year, however, with the lack of medical care explanation, interested families could request an update on his current care and therapy. Sebastian appears to be a happy, friendly and wonderful little boy who so greatly needs a family of his own to get him the medical attention he needs and the love to help him reach his fullest potential!”

WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families.
Seriously interested families should download and complete their pre-application (no fee, no commitment) found HERE. You may email the completed pre-application to with your request and the first available case manager will respond.

For other questions about adopting Sebastian or adoption in general, please send me, Jessica an e-mail!