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Samuel aged out

Posted on Nov 30, 2017 by in Aged out |

 ready smile, happy * curious * introverted * handsome * watch his videos below!

If Samuel is adopted through Lifeline agency, there is a $8,000 grant to help with his adoption! 

Samuel is described as having a ready smile and being happy. He enjoys playing games and singing like other children his age. Samuel is also described as being full of curiosity to all things and fairly introverted. He likes to watch cartoons on TV. Samuel is such a handsome boy!

Samuel attended Lifeline’s Kids Camp in March 2017. Volunteers who met Samuel shared the following about him:

“Samuel is such a goofball who has a ton of energy stored away. He seems to be very outgoing and investigative, especially in the new cultural environment of Kids Camp. He loves to laugh—and often. Little things I noticed at the tailgate, like throwing a Frisbee on the pavilion so another boy would have to climb up to get it down and taking an extra kazoo from my friend’s birthday party, seem to be cries for attention, but I honestly think he does it for his own enjoyment. Samuel was my buddy at the bounce house, and his unending energy and fun-loving spirit was demonstrated to me through his bold investigation of an experience he’d surely never had before! Ever the jokester, Samuel is a bright and rather entertaining kid.”

“One afternoon, we visited a church and there were a few teenage guys practicing for their Wednesday night worship service. Randall, Carson, and Samuel were drawn to the guys and were mesmerized by the music they were playing. They sat and listened the entire time that the guys were playing. And, the guys encouraged them to try out the instruments. It was fun to see them so interested and engaged with the other teenage guys.”

“Samuel is a sweet young man who was kind toward the younger children, patient, fairly obedient and slightly introverted. While he got along well with the other boys his age, Samuel also enjoyed playing on the playground by himself or watching movies quietly when given the opportunity. Samuel was wonderful and helpful especially with the younger boys and could communicate their needs or just keep them entertained on long car rides. Samuel was an early riser and would usually just turn on a movie or entertain himself.”

“Samuel is such a friendly little boy.  He loved hanging out with the other older boys.  He was telling jokes and constantly laughing.  He was a huge help with anything we needed.  Samuel is easy going and just a joy to be around!”

Here are videos of Samuel!

password for both is: kidscamp

Screenshots from his videos 🙂 

Personal notes from those who were with him at camp
“He wants a Mama SO badly. So, so badly. He and my brother, who speaks Chinese (as do I), formed a beautiful bond. One day, he asked my brother to introduce him to his mama. Later, he saw Kai get a hug from Mama and Samuel asked if Kai thought that his mama would possible be wiling to give him one hug “from a mama”? Of course he got that mama hug and was told that he could have as many as he would like as long as we were around. He requested several over the next few days! Afterwards he commented about Kai, “Wow, he sure gets a lot of love!”.