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Posted on Oct 25, 2017 by in 20 Aging Out |

12 years old * likes to sing and dance * is caring and enjoys charitable activities * no known medical need * 

12 year old Saige “is caring and enjoys charitable activities”. She likes group activities, singing and dancing. She attends school and gets average grades.

According to this, Saige would very much like a family. 
This is what Saige said when asked if she understood adoption/wanted a family:

“I hope to have a warm family, and parent who love me. Then I am satisfied. I also wish my parents are healthy and happy every day. I wish them work well. Then I feel happy. I will study hard and make progress. After I grown up, I will find a good job, and be a kind person. I won’t make trouble to my parents. When papa and mama are worried, I would talk with you, and make you happy again. I will be a strong person and I will make a better life.” 

Saige is currently listed with Small World Adoption. You can send Amy an e-mail to inquire about adopting Saige.
You can also send me an e-mail with any questions