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Ruthi Joy

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 by in The Twenty |

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Ruthi Joy is 11 years old and she’s just beautiful inside and out!

Ruthie Joy 8-2014

March 2014 Update from the home she lives in

“Ruthi Joy has been living in our group home for over a year now, and she has settled well. She is a cheerful giver who is always willing to help with the chores. Acting like a big sister, she takes lots of responsibility to help the other kids. Her lovely smile can make anyone happy.

Last December, we held a charity sale at five local schools. She really enjoyed herself and met lots of new friends that day.

In January, Ruthi Joy and her group visited some elderly and needy people in the local community in order to bring love and care to them. This was a very meaningful activity for everyone involved.They made gifts for their care givers and teachers to thank them for their love and support over the last year.

This February, the Sunday school of our local church held a painting activity for our kids. Ruthi Joy and her friends took part in this event. They even put on a performance for us. This was definitely Ruthi Joy’s highlight of the month.

Ruthi Joy has a singing contest next month. She is now earnestly preparing for it.”

Ruthi Joy is a beautiful and sweet 10 yr old girl who needs a family. Be sure to watch the video and read below!

June 2013 Ruthi Joy
She was born in October 2002, she was abandoned as an infant, and has lived in foster care for many years. When her foster family could no longer care for her due to her learning disability, she was taken in by ICC, where she lives in their new community group homes. Her transition to this new home was quite rocky, because she missed her foster family and had a hard time adjusting to her new environment. When Ruthi Joy responded with tantrums, yelling, and jumping on the furniture, ICC staff responded with love.

Watch this video of Ruthi. She is such a treasure!

Ruthi Joy has become a very sweet young lady. She is learning to cook, buy vegetables, and do household chores. She is making friends with her new “brothers and sisters” and is especially helpful to a younger girl with Cerebral Palsy.

Nov 2012 Ruthi Joy

Ruthi Joy gets home school education every day. She is progressing well in the basics of language and mathematics, and enjoys the Monday afternoon art class.

An update about Ruthi Joy from April 2013

-wants to have a forever family, and she hopes being adopted.
-goes to the school inside the orphanage, she has her own teacher that only works with her.
-likes being in a big family with a lot siblings.
-can take care of herself in daily life. She is capable of doing some housework like doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. Her school results are a little bit behind the average, but she already has a big improvement. Now she knows over 200 Chinese characters, she can read Pinyin as well. She can count to 20, and do simple math

” Not sure if you still remember the old “Ruthi Joy” when she first got here? She is quiet a character, a girl who likes to climb up and down the windows, hit other people occasionally, and clap the desk on class. Even the teachers and nannies admitted the troubles they were dealing with. However, a month later, “Ruthi Joy” has been so much better. She is more like a happy active girl now, though sometimes might still surprise people. For example, there was one time when she kicked the door open and screamed and the teacher “Miss, Liang Liang(classmate) takes my pencil!!”, her move shocked everyone, yet, the teacher gently talked to her to start all over again from the way she “open” the door. Then “Ruthi Joy” realized her inappropriate behavior and did it all over again with polite tone. Later that day the teacher went to her classmate with “Ruthi Joy”, which made the classmate very nervous since “Ruthi Joy’s” ex- strong personality. But “Ruthi Joy” already calmed down and being very gentle“Can you give me back my pencil? I need to do my homework now. Thank you”. Since then, “Ruthi Joy” starts to use her Mandarin with accent to just hang out more often with her girl friends. We all think that “Ruthi Joy” is becoming more and more mature, and we all have good feeling with this happy girl.

October 2012, there was another activity called “Walk the Great Wall”. Fu Jing and her friends gave us a warm up dance named “Life in the Chun Hui Family”, everybody enjoyed it very much. At the end, “Ruthi Joy” and her friends performed the sign language dance called “Pass the love along” to show their thankful to everyone. They wanted to show people that even being a child from the orphanage, they didn’t want to forever be the takers, and they would like to give people what they have.”

An update: Ruthi Joy was diagnosed recently with epilepsy. She is now taking medication for it. Please someone bring this beautiful girl home! 

This sweet girl needs a family and responds to love and care. We can’t let her age out at age 14. The sooner a family can be found the better!

Please let me know if you would like more information on how to adopt her.