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Robbie has a Family!

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

6 years old * likes being silly *  very sweet * beautiful smile * smart * low vision

Robbie was featured on No Hands But Ours in March 2016.

Handsome Robbie

“Robbie is a bundle of fun! He arrived at Bethel in August 2013. He loves to jump, play, talk and sing and he really likes being silly. He was born in April 2010. He is learning how to do a lot of self help skills for the first time, such as changing his shoes, putting on clothes and he practices fine motor skills with lots of different activities and objects. He is very sweet and he loves attention, he is a monkey! Robbie is in a primary school class with other children who have low vision.

“He has the most beautiful smile and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. He is very friendly with adults and children and he loves to use the English he knows. He knows some colours, parts of the body, food and how to introduce himself. Every time he realizes there is someone using English in the room he tries to use his as well. We are so proud of him. He also loves riding on a car and going out on trips. He enjoys it so much that he even loves going to the hospital!” – Bethel

He is best friends with Finn who recently had a cornea transplant. Once he learnt that Ya Yan needed glasses after his surgery he decided that he wanted a pair as well. He is a great encouragement for Ya Yan to wear his glasses so he got fake frames to wear as well.” – Bethel

March 2016 – Hungry Boy

Robbie March 2016
Robbie March 2016 eating
February 2016

Robbie Feb 2016
Robbie Feb 2016 clap
Robbie singing Feb 2016

Robbie Feb 11 2016 singing
November 2015

Robbie Nov 2015
October 2015

Robbie Oct 2015

September 2015

Robbie Sept 2015
August 2015
Singing at an Adoption Party

Aug 2015 singing at adoption party
Robbie adorable August 2015
Robbie climbing Aug 2015 Robbie Summer Camp August 2015

Robbie Aug wins water fight 2015
June 2015

Robbie June 2015
April 2015

April 2015
Robbie and Hua Mai April 2015
April 2015 Robbie
January 2015

Robbie Jan 2015
Here is his “Child of the Week” post by Bethel in November 2014.

September 2014

Sep 2014 Robbie
Sep 2014 Robbie adorable

after his hand surgery

Robbie September 2014

March 2014  – Being loved on

Xiao Hua with Bo Ai (Robbie) March 2014
February 2014 – Robbie with his friends

February 2014
December 2013 Robbie’s First Christmas

Dec 2013 First Christmas
November 2013 First Day at Bethel’s Primary School

First Day at Bethel School Nov 2013
When Robbie arrived at Bethel
“Robbie is so funny. He loves singing (Jingle Bells is his current favourite), he loves hugs and he loves playing with his teachers and the other boys in his class. He started preschool in the Woodpecker class and he has adjusted to the school structure very well. He loves it!”

December 2013 Robbie arrival