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Ramona has a family!

Posted on Jun 11, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

May 2015 Update! She is doing SO well!
At 4 years old, Ramona is active and clever, and needs a family! Ramona had a heart surgery before she arrived at the orphanage. An ultrasound now shows a normal heart. Ramona also has left-side facial paralysis and bilateral hearing loss. She needs a family who can give her language. Is that your family?

Ramona 3

Ramona was born April of 2011. At 4-years-old, Ramona is a precious, special little girl.

Ramona has an amazing story. Ramona was found with an already corrected Congenital Heart Defect. That’s right, by the time she was found she had already had surgery. Someone obviously loved her very much. While Congenital Heart Disease is listed as diagnosis in her file, her ultrasound of her heart is now normal. When the orphanage first admitted Ramona though, it was apparent she had suffered some facial paralysis. No one is sure of the cause of this. Ramona also has severe bilateral hearing loss.

Ramona Ramona cute

Even though she can’t hear, Ramona is described as “active and clever.” She runs and plays. She doesn’t officially know sign language, but she is able to pantomime her needs and the orphanage staff are able to give her signs that she understands. Ramona has amazing potential that is just waiting to be unlocked!

She currently has official diagnoses of left-sided facial paralysis, bilateral hearing loss and post-operative Congenital Heart Disease. None of these limit who Ramona could become if she just had a family to support and love her.

WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families, in addition to waiving their application fee and pre-approval deposit fee.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this precious little girl, please send me an e-mail.