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Posted on Jan 12, 2018 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

8 years old * clever, lovely, quiet, and thoughtful * positive attitude * intelligent * big, bright smile * blind * learning Braille * recites poems and memorizes quickly * currently listed wtih the adoption agency Gladney.

“She is a social girl and loves spending time with others! She enjoys a wide range of activities too. She has a beautiful voice, and loves to learn and sing songs. She also enjoys listening to children’s stories, particularly audio books or videos.
With support and verbal instructions, she is able to create crafts and has fun participating in these activities with her peers.” 

“She has a sweet, gentle temperament. She is introverted, kind-hearted and loves to give big hugs or sit by your side. Like all 8-year old girls, Taylor loves to join in games with her sisters, laught and have fun! Games with movement are sure to create lots of giggles.
She appears to be quiet and shy, enjoying time with people who are familiar to her. Although she is quiet at home, she loves to perform and is very talented. She has bravely and beautifully performed songs in front of large crowds at special occasions throughout  the year such as national day, Chinese New Year and charity events. She is very loved by all her sisters in her community group home”

Congenital Bilateral Blindness. This diagnosis does not prevent her from learning, playing, and enjoying every day. She is able to independently walk around her home and navigate her environment. When in the community, she prefers to hold a carer or sister’s hand to increase her safety and feeling of security. She is learning how to use a braille stylus.

She appears to have appropriate fine motor skills for her age and diagnosis. She is able complete many tasks required for daily living. She loves to communicate! She enjoys asking questions and sharing stories with anyone who she is familiar with. She is predominately independent in her self-care tasks, adapting to environments to navigate her home and locate items. She is able to independently feed herself with the use of a spoon, brush her teeth and clean her face. Taylor is able to do assist with dressing, when provided with support to get her clothes orientated.

She is a bright girl, who is able to quickly learn new skills!

She attends Special School 5 days a week. Her learning is at a level similar to grade 1, including subjects such as Chinese, maths, music and art. Taylor enjoys learning and is doing well at school. She participates well and takes information in mostly through hearing. Her teacher reports that she has recently started learning addition and subtraction, and is able to do simple sums.
Taylor is also learning braille at school and is currently at the entry level. She is continuing to make progress and is now able to read simple words.

PD: Taylor is standing outside and wearing a blue jacket. Her hair is up in a ponytail with bangs. She is stunning and smiling towards the camera.”

She is described as clever and lovely. She is blind and in her file it says, “although she cannot see the colorful colors of the world she maintains a positive attitude.” Is that about the nicest thing that could be said, or what?!

The person who prepared the file went to speak with her and touched her. Rachel exclaimed with surprise, “Auntie, you are wearing a ring!” She is learning Braille and is in a special school to help her learn life skills.

She communicates well and clearly and even recites poems and has been involved in performance recitations. It is noted that she memorizes things very easily. She is a quiet, thoughtful little girl.

 Thank you to SuperKids for bringing Rachel to my attention. You can see their post about Rachel here.

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Rachel is with the agency, Gladney. send them an e-mail today if you would like to know more about how to adopt her.

If you have any questions about how to adopt Rachel, if you would like to help advocate for her, if you have questions about another child on TwentyLess or just general adoption questions, please send me an e-mail!  – Jessica

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