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Dec 2012 * 7 years old * autism * loves books * has a ready smile * loves to run * good at self care * VIDEO BELOW!

FROM A REPORT IN JULY 2016 – 3 1/2 years old

At 3 years old, this little guy was found. He seemed to have good general condition. He is said to be active and restless, has a ready smile, is sometimes impatient, and has a quick reaction.

He can basically manage his simple life, he can drink water, go to the bathroom, he likes things tidy and clean.

He can go up and down stairs alone, can jump off the ground with both feet, can skip on one foot alternately, can know red, can count 1-5, can ask what is this, can put on and off clothes, can unbutton and button, can understand cold, tired and hungry, can recognize 1-10. Now he can speak many phrases or simple sentences, such as brother, sister, aunt or want candy.

He likes playing with toys, listening to music, and reading books. He likes playing with kids, but he is not good at communicating with kids, and doesn’t make eye contact.

Age 3.5 years
Height (cm) 102
Weight (kg) 16
Head size (cm) 50
Number of teeth 20

He was sent to Children’s Hospital on Jan 2 2016 and the doctor diagnosed him as having autism. He is receiving rehabilitation including training on language, cognitive, behavior and sensory.


How does he sleep? He is a moderate sleeper
What is his diet? 
He eats rice, meat (chicken leg), vegetables (tomatoes, onions, carrots), milk, egg, baozi and steamed buns.
He requests that the vegetables be separated from the rice. He has a good appetite!
Gross Motor development
He goes upstairs and downstairs without help. He jumps off the floor with both feet, skips on one foot alternately, goes up the stairs one foot per step, stands on one foot alone for 5 seconds
Fine Motor development
Can button and unbutton, able to put on clothes by himself
Cognitive development
He can count 5 blocks, asks “what is it?” on his own initiative
He knows cold, tired, and hungry
Knows numbers 1-10
Life skills
Can wash his hands without help
Active, Restless, quick in reaction, energetic, Fond of imitating, fond of listening to music, fond of playing with toys, talkative, impatient sometimes, he loves to run, loves books, and has a ready smile.
He is closest to his caretaker.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Quentin, please send me an e-mail – Jessica