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Petra has a Family!

Posted on Sep 15, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

october 2015 petra smile

October 2015 Petra
petra oct 2015

Petra swimmingpetra swinging
She loves playing with toys that make noise and she is very fond of singing
Her caretakers say that she does a really great job at remembering all of the lyrics!

She is described as being introverted but still pretty chatty if she is comfortable with you. She can go up the stairs on her own against the railing but she sometimes need some assistance with direction.
“Petra was born in January 2010 and she went to Bethel in July 2013. When she first arrived, she was scared and cried a lot. She didn’t know how to or want to play with anyone. Even after the first week she began to get more familiar with her surroundings and she gave out her first smile to her ayi. Petra had no hair on her head when she first arrived!”
“Now her hair is longer, and she loves to wear pretty dresses. Her teachers and Bethel mamas always like to make a fuss over her and tell her she is beautiful!”

pretty petra
“She started preschool in September 2013 and she is in the “Giraffe Class”. She loves to play with toys and she is learning how to walk with a cane and orient herself in and around her home and school so that she can make her way independently. She uses her hand to find out where she is by trailing is along the wall or stair railing.”

Petra walking
“She has been doing speech and language therapy for many months with our SLP, Catherine. We rejoice when she makes breakthroughs and she recently began to sing!” (See her videos of her singing below)

Sweet Petra
“We are so proud of this little girl. She is wary of strangers, but when she trusts someone, she loves them with her whole heart! She is an amazing little girl and we are thankful to be caring for her.” – Bethel


Chen-Rui 3yrs