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Pete has a Family!

Posted on Jul 30, 2014 by in I Have a Family |

Should be able to get a Medical Expedite (doctor ready to write the letter) * 9 years old * Born August 2007 * loves to do puzzles, arts and crafts * polite * playing with friends * fibroneuroma of left orbit

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 4.51.57 PMView his recent video from December 2016!

History Pete came into care when he was about five months old.

Development He can also help with chores like washing dishes, doing laundry and making his own bed.  Pete is smart little boy who communicates well with his teachers at school, often asking questions.  He can count from 1 to 100, count backward from 50, knows how to write many Chinese words, recites many poems from memory and performs simple arithmetic.

Personality Pete is normally obedient and pleasant, and although he may exhibit a temper at times, he can get along well with other children and enjoys interacting with others.

His special need He has a fibroneuroma on his left eye which has grown gradually over time.  It has not been removed since the doctor in China believes the operation would be too risky.  He also had congenital pseudarthrosis (bone that isn’t joined together properly) and possible osteomyelitis (bone infection) of the right tibia.  He had surgery for this in 2014, but the fracture didn’t heal well and he is unable to bear much weight on his right leg.  Pete uses a wheelchair to get around, but he is able to dress himself and take care of all his own personal needs.

Financial Help
*There is a $1000 Special Blessings Grant* available toward Pete’s adoption if adopted through Holt.  Special Blessings Grants are available to families who earn an annual adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less and do not apply to fees already paid to Holt International.  Families who do not qualify for the Special Blessings Grant may still apply for our Special Needs Adoption Fund grant.
*Pete is also being advocated for by Connected Hearts Ministry. If a qualified family comes forward to adopt him, Connected Hearts will assist with fundraising.
*If you are a Michigan family, the Families Through Adoption social worker will do you homestudy for free.
*Lifesong for Orphans matching grant committed in West Michigan through the MOSIC foster/adopt ministry
*a number of very generous people who all want to see Pete in a loving family, and would rally behind financially and help fundraise

Past updates
“Pete is eight years old. He has a tumor in his left eye, however he refuses to let that slow him down! He is very independent and can dress and clean himself. He loves to paint, do puzzles with his friends, and play with toys. He especially loves arts and crafts in the classroom. He is very polite and enjoys talking about his feelings with his caretakers and friends. He just recently had surgery for his right tibia and is in a wheelchair, however he gets around very easily. His leg will soon be healed so he can run around with his friends once again!” – Heartsent Agency



When he was 2 yrs old his report said that he’s an active, lovely, restless boy who has a steady smile and is very adorable. He was experiencing normal intellectual development and would sit quietly during class time. He played games with caregivers and sang songs. Pete was eating by himself, had a good appetite and was eating a variety of foods. He could put on his own shoes, wash his hands and dress himself.


His report also states that he is fond of playing with other children and loves cuddles from his caretakers. It is said that when he hears his name he opens his arms for cuddling and would smile sweetly while being held. He is said to be a really smart boy who loves music and likes all kinds of toys.

***   From a physician familiar with this special need   ***
“My impression is that he has a large neurofibroma of the left orbit. This may be associated with an optic nerve glioma (Neurofibromatosis Type I).  By description it appears to have extended intracranially which complicates treatment if resection is indicated.  Debulking the tumor may be the best option with or without enucleation (removal of the eye) if the eye is compromised.  Treatment plan would be dependent on CT scan findings and a high resolution scan of the brain and orbits would be helpful to know what the prognosis is.  At a minimum he would require tumor debunking and removal of the eye with placement of an orbital implant and an ocular prosthesis.  If a cranial resection were contemplated, it would be a dual team approach with neurosurgeons as well.
What he would look like after treatment: One could eliminate the bulky protrusion of his orbital contents.  If this is done, the upper eyelid would have to be partially resected because it has been stretched out significantly.  He likely will have a droopy upper eyelid if the eyelid muscle is involved.  That could be treated with a frontal is (brow muscle) fixation if his brow functions normally.  He would likely have no vision in the eye now and would not regain any vision” in that eye.