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Perry has a Family!

Posted on May 1, 2018 by in I Have a Family |

Perry is going to be 13 in July 2018, so only has a little over a year for a family to adopt him before he AGES OUT!

* He’s a smart boy, a good reader and learner *  natured, positive, and a great smile * 

So, you see, if you would love to give this amazing boy a future with a loving family, MUCH of the financial stresses of adopting Perry have been taken away! Go get him! 🙂

He is on the shared list but also on Madison adoption associates page they are waiving their fees if someone uses them. I also know he qualifies for a grant on Reese’s rainbow and possibly 2 other private grants one about 5,000 and the other possibly 8,000

“Perry is a handsome and sweet recently turned 12-year-old boy who is full of smiles and so very ready to have a family of his own! Perry participated in an Ambassadors of Hope camp in the fall of 2015. He was the oldest of all the kids in his group, at just ten. Perry draws well and is a good-natured boy who follows directions and shares with others. His volunteer at that camp stated: “At first glance, he seemed to have so much going against him that he could have been forgiven for feeling defeated; instead, Perry smiled easily and stayed positive despite the cerebral palsy which put him in a wheelchair, and left him in an orphanage.” Becky wrote a terrific blog post about Perry that really shows just how special this sweet boy is. Please check it out! and help us spread the word about Perry!

Perry’s special need is cerebral palsy. He is fully continent, but he does not walk. He uses a wheelchair to get around. Perry needs a family who will see past the wheelchair and see the amazing child that he is and the terrific son they could be missing out on!

These video links require a password. The password is:  Adoptmaa

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