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Posted on Oct 2, 2016 by in 20 Urgent |

9 years old * Born March 2008 * Gentle * plays quietly with toys * vision impaired, deaf, mute * post-op CHD * $4,000 grant through WACAP * URGENT *


Paulina is an 8 year old precious little girl.

Her beginning: Paulina was found on a train. After the police failed to find her birth parents, she was sent to the Social Welfare Institute where she currently lives.  She was approximately 1.5 years old. Initial exam determined that she suffered from Congenital Heart Disease.


Her personality: Paulina is described as gentle and introverted.

Her medical, development, and special needs: An updated physical exam revealed that she suffers from vision problems and is deaf and mute.  Paulina plays with other children but has no communication with them.  She can see some light and enjoys sitting in bright areas.  She is limited with poor hearing, vision, language skills, but caregivers say that she learns a lot through exploring with touch.  Paulina has cognitive delays due to her special needs. She doesn’t know sign language and seldom communicates with others.  In addition, Paulina does not attend any school.
Paulina is diagnosed with post-operative CHD, deafness and vitreous opacities in both eyes. In February 2010, she received surgery for ligation of PDA. Since then her file says she has no abnormal cardiac functions. According to her most recent update in August 2016, she hasn’t had any other heart surgeries and hasn’t seen a doctor for her heart or eyes.

Her need for a family: 
Paulina needs a family to help advocate for her medical needs and to help her get the therapy she needs. Most importantly she needs a family to love her and keep her safe, to teach her how important she truly is, and to be blessed by the joy she will bring.


Here is more information on: 
deafness in children

Paulina is in desperate need of a family to love her and get her the medical interventions she needs so that the world may be opened up to her.  Are you her family?

Grant available: WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families. Seriously interested families should download and complete their pre-application (no fee, no commitment).

You may email the completed pre-application with your request and the first available case manager will respond.

If you would like to contact me for more info about how to adopt Paulina, or about adoption in general, just send me an e-mail.