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Noah has a Family!

Posted on May 20, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

Born Feb 2004 * 13 years old * shared list * blind, post-op CHD (TOF) * kind, loving, sweet * intelligent

Two Photos from around January 2017

Noah collage

Noah is described as kind, sweet, and has a big smile. He loves to be praised when he does a good job at something. He does very well in school and is very intelligent.

From agency, CCAI (they are advocating for him, but he is on the shared list)

“His nannies tell us that he is the sweetest kid – he is gentle, active, social, and affectionate. He loves God, and loves to chat with his nannies about all of God’s creations or listen to the sounds of nature. Noah is in the 5th grade, and is learning addition and subtraction, English, art, and social adjustment skills. He does have some learning challenges and delays – he has a lot of sensory needs which have made learning braille difficult for him, but his teachers say he is a pleasure to have in class. One teacher who worked with Noah told us “I taught an English class with him in it in 2012, and he was so precious. He often wouldn’t raise his hand with the answer, but would know it if I called on him. When he got the answer correct, his whole face would beam with joy. Whenever someone else answered correctly, he would clap and rejoice for them.” Noah is learning self -care skills and can do many things on his own, but he moves slowly and does still need help with some tasks. Noah has made so much progress since arriving at his foster home, but he needs a family to support him and help him grow!”

Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease (post-op), Vision- blind

October 2015

2015 10 suits
2015 10

August 2015

2015 8 friends

2015 8 always smiling

2015 8

July 2015 – Trying out the Ukulele

2015 7

May 2015 Report

“Noah has a big smile–when he is happy, he grins from ear to ear! Noah went to the beach last summer and loved splashing in the water so much. We had never seen him so happy! He is very kind and sweet, and he loves to be praised when he does a good job.” – Bethel

“Noah sometimes doesn’t like playing with new textures but he loved creating art”

2015 5
“Noah’s dog”

2015 5 art dog 2015 5 dog


April 2015

2015 4 bus
2015 4 cute 2015 4

January 2015

2015 1
August 2014
“Noah and teacher Fang had a lot of fun together. He loved his new beach hat!”

2014 8 ocean
October 2013
Beijing Marathon – Team Noah!

2013 10
August 2013

2013 8 on the horse
” Noah is also moving to the School for the Blind. He has been living at Bethel Doudian since he was very little! When he first started learning to walk on his own and orient himself he was very slow, his teacher would patiently walk with him as it took him 40 minutes to walk from his house to the school (usually a 2-3 minute walk). He has gained huge amounts of confidence and most recently has been helping some of the new children find their way around. He is very kind and loving. Here he is learning how to ride Bethel’s pony last week.”

February 2013

2013 2 collage
“It is/was (depending on which country you are in) Noah’s birthday on the 20th February. He is 8 years old and his English name is Noah.

Since coming to Bethel, he has learned to walk, talk, eat and perform most self help skills independently, although he prefers to do everything in his own time! He had a successful heart surgery in 2005 for a Heart Disease, though he has trouble maintaining a healthy weight no matter how much he eats.

Noah is very well behaved and does well in school. Very intelligent, he scored the highest in his class in English. He rarely offers to answer a question, but rather sits quietly and absorbs all the information. He is patient and kind and a happy little boy who is growing up fast. He is a pleasure to have at Bethel!