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Posted on Aug 22, 2016 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

cataracts * Born January 2011 * 7 years old * quiet, introverted and obedient * shared list

Nils 2015-2

REPORT done in February 2015 (3 years 8 months old)

personality: quiet, introverted, and obedient. He likes sitting quietly. Every time when he is told that there is something delicious, he looks very happy. Although he can’t see anything, he is a pretty boy who loves to be clean. He is happy every time when he is taking bath. It seems that he know what clean will be like. Nannies dress him neatly every day. People always call him a handsome boy.

Nils2 Nils1
language development: He does not communicate with nannies, probably because he can’t see anything and doesn’t know what nannies are doing. Therefore, we do not know what Nils is thinking most of the time.

Nils 2015-3

daily life: Nils lives a regular life here. He takes three meals and eats fruit, cake, biscuit, etc. for supplementary food in the morning and afternoon. He has good sleep.

from the caretakers: We believe that Nils will open up more and more. We hope he can find a home so that he can get more love.

Nils was most recently listed with Hawaii International Children (HIC), and should be on the shared list now.

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet boy, please send me an e-mail – Jessica