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Posted on Jan 24, 2018 by in 20 Visually Impaired |

loving * happy * eager to learn new things * vision impairment * repaired hernia * gets around really well * has been with GWCA as “Cody” and has also been with HIC. 

Nikko is a loving and happy boy. He enjoys playing, loves his nanny, and seems eager to learn new things.

He came into care as a 2 year old, and was found to have a hernia (which has now been repaired), as well as some vision issues. He has microphthalmia of his left eye (Microphthalmia is an eye abnormality that arises before birth. In this condition, one or both eyeballs are abnormally small), and aphakia of the right eye (Aphakia is the absence of the lens of the eye, due to surgical removal, a perforating wound or ulcer, or congenital anomaly. It causes a loss of accommodation, far sightedness (hyperopia), and a deep anterior chamber. Complications include detachment of the vitreous or retina, and glaucoma). He also has nystagmus of the right eye (quick, side to side movements of the eye). Nikko can get around during the day without trouble, and is a bright and active boy. When there is insufficient light, he will have some difficulty, but has developed his own method for getting around in the dark.

When Nikko was with AAC Adoptions as “Liam”, they said this about him:
“This little cutie pie is Liam. When we first met him, he was shy and quiet. But it didn’t take too long for him to open up and show us how amazingly bright he is! When given the choice of toys to play with, he picked a small puzzle and worked at it for a while. Then, with a little coaxing, we convinced him to count for us. He wasn’t even 4 years old yet and he counted all the way to 100! That is impressive for any 3 year old…but for one who has experienced institutionalization! Wow! It is evidence of how much he is loved by his foster mother. She works with him to teach him many things. His foster mother says he is very smart and a fast learner. He loves learning and soaks things up like a sponge. He is also very confident. If he sees other children showing off their skills, he walks up and says, “I can do it too.” And he usually does!
Liam gets along very well with other children. He has a foster sister (who will soon be joining her forever family) that he loves to play with. He often tries to teach her the things that he has learned, like counting. He has a very sweet and gentle nature. Liam also likes to chat with grown-ups. He’s overall, pretty easy going.
Liam had a hernia which has since been repaired. He also has the following vision issues: nystagmus of the right side, corneal opacity on the right side, no lens of the right side and microphthalmia on the left side. He has not had any corrective surgery or treatment on his eyes. His foster mother says that his vision issues do not affect his daily life very much. He walks around independently and only seems to bump into things if it is dark. When we met him, we noticed that he wasn’t slowed down at all. He ran and played ball with the other children. He played with a puzzle too, and when asked, he got up and found the garbage can to throw something away. He really had no limitations that we saw. This little guy is very special indeed. He is so full of potential…all he needs is a family to call his own! Could that be yours?”

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Nikko, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

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