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Nikki has a Family!

Posted on Apr 17, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

Nikki loves to dance to music!


Nikki is so cute! She can understand simple instructions and likes to jump from the last stair! She is able to use the restroom by herself and feed herself. She is extroverted, active, and restless. She loves to dance with music!

Nikki eyes

Please read what Lifeline volunteers had to say after meeting Nikki at Kids Camp:

Nikki loves bags. Nikki came to Birmingham with a backpack and took that with her everywhere we went. For our Christmas celebration, each child got their own backpacks filled with books. We went to the zoo the next morning and Nikki walked out the door with two backpacks and an Easter basket. You never know what you might need at the zoo!  Nikki was very sweet with the other girls. Nora had a stuffy nose during camp and Nikki would hold a tissue up to Nora’s nose and ask her to blow her nose. She was a sweet friend to the others!


Is this the most kissable face or what!

Video Password: Nikki

Nikki from Lifeline Children’s Services on Vimeo.

Video Password: Nikki

Meet Nikki: March Kids Camp 2016 from Lifeline Children’s Services on Vimeo.