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Nathaniel aged out

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 by in Aged out |

Updated photos from March 2015

Mar 2015 update

Nathaniel Mar 2015 update

Since having surgery on his eyes he is doing well in school. He is silly and outgoing and loves to talk. Actually she said, “He talks too much.”  I just spent some time with Nathaniel last month while at the orphanage. He is truly a sweet little boy full of life. His ayi said he got excited when they took these updated pictures, thinking his family is coming soon. These older children truly get it.
 -Vickie from Zhanjiang Kids Organization

Medical Update! Nathaniel has had surgery and he no longer rubs his eyes from the pain and pressure, and no longer holds things up against his eyes to see them!

School  He is going to the Zhanjiang Kids Organization Special Needs School which is wonderful for him.


Nathaniel Nathaniel standing