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Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by in Aged out |

AGING OUT IN AUGUST 2017! * gentle soul * inquisitive * loves to build * smiles so sweetly * agency: America World

Nate has a gentle soul, smiles so sweetly, and is wonderful at using his hands to build the most intricate structures.

Here is a great blog post about Nate! Here are some excerpts from it:

“Nate is a quiet, industrious guy who spends hours building with blocks, connecting velcroed craft sticks together, or stringing beads on pipe cleaners to make bracelets. His sweet grin shows up when he is given a gift or gives a gift.”

“He is quick to respond to caregivers commands and smiles when spoken to or when another child is playing near. He was quick to hand others blocks and could help solve problems. ┬áNate is able to dress and undress himself, manipulate stairs safely, and is able to use the bathroom on his own..”

“Nate seemed to be bonded to one boy in particular. When spending time on the playground together, they stayed close and went down the slide together with big smiles on their faces. Nate has a gentle and sweet spirit about him and would thrive and flourish in a family.”

“Nate has been diagnosed with a neural condition and as of testing done in 2014, shows mental delays. His file notes that he has lived in both a foster home and orphanage care. He can help adults do some simple housework and can take care of himself simply. He likes listening to music, is excited when watching cartoons on TV, imitates actions of the cartoons, is energetic, and his file notes he likes to play with a chicken and dog.”