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5 years old * the cutest dimples! * cute, happy, well behaved…sometimes naughty 😉 * left side hemiplegia * congenital heart disease (doctor review available)* $1,000 agency grant if adopted through MAA * $4,000 agency grant if adopted through WACAP * see younger photos and videos below!

Personality: Natalie loves to color and play with blocks. Her caretakers describe her as active, cute, happy, and well behaved with an occasional naughty side.

Special and Medical Needs: Natalie was born with congenital heart disease- dextrocardia, VSD, ASD, and pulmonary artery atresia. She also was born with situs inversus viscerum and has left side hemiplegia.

Development (physical): Natalie started rehabilitation training twice a week in the orphanage for her hemiplegia. She has since made great progress with her motor development. Natalie is able to walk without help, but does have a limp. She can go down stairs, but sometimes needs a bit of help when going up stairs. Natalie’s left hand is affected, but she has totally normal use of her right hand- she can hold a pen or similar object and can turn pages of a book. She can also feed herself, take crayons out of the box, and put the crayons back in the box. She can put on and take off her own shoes and socks too.

Development (Language): Natalie’s language is a bit behind, but she does speak in 3-4 word sentences regularly. Natalie is good at following directions and putting toys away.

The cutest videos! Password: Adoptmaa
Walking around
Playing with legos


1. How is her mental ability compared to peers the same age?
She’s about the same as normal kids.

2. How does the special need affect her health?
The left side of her body is limited and she should avoid fierce activities.

3. Is she potty trained?
She is not potty trained. *Note this orphanage does not potty train kids until at least 5 years of age.

4. Please describe her personality in details?
She is active and busy and sometimes naughty. She is happy.

5. Is she well behaved and obedient?
She is obedient most of the time. She can be a little bit naughty sometimes.

6. How are her gross motor skills? Can she walk, run, jump, walk upstairs and downstairs by herself? Can she kick a ball? Can she pick up a ball? Any limited functions?
Her left side is weak so gross motor skills are limited. She walks in an odd way.

7. How are her fine motor skill? Can she draw or scribble on paper? Can she pick up little things with her fingers?
Her right hand is fine and her left hand does not work well.

8. Is she in any kind of school? If so, what school? Can she catch up in school?
She attends the preschool inside the orphanage. But she has been there for just about one month so she has not made much progress yet.

9. How is her emotional development? Is the child attached to anyone? Who is she close to? Does she care for other people?
She’s not attached to a particular caretaker.

10. How are her social skills? Does she get along well with other children and adults?
She gets along well with other kids and adults.

11. Is she under foster care or living in the orphanage?
She lives in the orphanage.

12. Updated Measurements:
Height 103 cm, weight 15 kg; head 48 cm; chest 56 cm; foot 14.5 cm; 20 teeth.

13.How is the language ability of the child? What can she say? Can she speak one word, two words or sentences ? Can she express her needs well? Is her language ability the same as peers the same age?
She can greet people. She can say short sentences like “mama, eat cookie” and so on. Her language ability is behind.

14.Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps?

15.Anything else you think the family should know about the child?
She received Fontan surgery on Jan.3,2017.

16. Is the child on any medication?
Aspirin enteric-coated tablets, Furosemide, spironolactone

17. What is the daily schedule of the child?
6:00 get up,6:30 breakfast,8:00 bath,8:30-10:30 pre school,10:30 lunch,11:00-13:30 nap, 13:30 get up; fruit and snacks,14:30-15:30 pre school,16:30 dinner,18:00-19:30 playing indoor, 20:00 go to bed

18. What does the child eat? Can she feed herself? Does the child eat with chopsticks, spoon, or bottle?
She can feed herself by a spoon and she eats rice, vegetables, soup with fish, shrimp and chopped pork.

19. Does the child know any English? No.

20. Does the child want to be adopted? Does the child understand what adoption means?
She has seen it and wants to have foreign parents, but she may not fully understand adoption.

21. What color does the child like?
She does not know colors well yet.

22. What activity does the child like to do?
Coloring and blocks.

23. What is the favorite toy of the child?

update for agency, Madison Adoption Associates. A $1,000 grant available if Natalie is adopted through them. Fill out this form if you would like more information from MAA. 

“Natalie is an active 5-year-old little girl who smiles often, though she is timid at first in new places. She loves playing with toys, especially dolls and blocks but she’s happiest when others play with her! Natalie was born with heart defects, including VSD and dextrocardia, and received the Glenn surgery at six months old. She took medication for a while after the surgery but the doctors felt she no longer needed them in early 2016, however, she does occasionally turn blue in her lips, fingers and toes. Ultrasounds also showed that some of her internal organs are flipped, and on the other side of her body (which may indicate heterotaxy). Caregivers noticed that Natalie’s motor skills were behind other children her age, especially involving her left side, so they took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with hemiplegia. She began attending therapies at the orphanage, and made great progress! As of June 2016, she could walk without assistance, though her gait is uneven, and she can go up and down stairs holding the railing with one hand and an adult’s hand with the other. She can stack up to ten blocks, put her shoes on and off and take crayons out of a box. She can speak in 3-4 word sentences, and follow two or three step directions. Natalie’s caregivers love this adorable girl, but hope she will find a family of her own!  – update for agency, WACAP. A $4,000 grant available if Natalie is adopted through them. Contact WACAP  

Shared list

$1,000 agency grant – if adopted through Madison Adoption Associates
$4,000 agency grant – if adopted through WACAP

If you are interested in learning more about how to adopt sweet Natalie, please send me an e-mail – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.