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Posted on Mar 23, 2018 by in The 20 |

Sweet Natalie still waits for a family! She just turned 8! Isn’t her smile the best?

Natalie update from MAA on Vimeo.

Personality: Natalie loves to color and play with blocks. Her caretakers describe her as active, cute, happy, and well behaved with an occasional naughty side.

Special and Medical Needs: Natalie was born with congenital heart disease- dextrocardia, VSD, ASD, and pulmonary artery atresia. She also was born with situs inversus viscerum and has left side hemiplegia.

Development (physical):¬†Natalie started rehabilitation training twice a week in the orphanage for her hemiplegia. She has since made great progress with her motor development. Natalie is able to walk without help, but does have a limp. She can go down stairs, but sometimes needs a bit of help when going up stairs. Natalie’s left hand is affected, but she has totally normal use of her right hand- she can hold a pen or similar object and can turn pages of a book. She can also feed herself, take crayons out of the box, and put the crayons back in the box. She can put on and take off her own shoes and socks too.

Development (Language):¬†Natalie’s language is a bit behind, but she does speak in 3-4 word sentences regularly. Natalie is good at following directions and putting toys away.

The cutest videos! Password: Adoptmaa
Walking around
Playing with legos