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6 years old * possible low vision * other delays/needs * likes to play and explore * living at Half the Sky * 

2 year old report
“Myles is a beautiful 2 year old that arrived at Bethel in September 2016. He has adjusted to the routine and all the teachers and caregivers. He sometimes fusses when it’s time for nap but will calm down and smile when someone picks him up. Myles has low vision and loves to participate in our preschool” – Bethel”

“Myles came to us in September of 2016. He was born in March of 2014. Though he arrived not being able to talk, he could already crawl, stand up, and walk on his own. He likes to play and explore and he’s very mobile.”
“Myles has low vision, and he adjusted pretty quickly to us. Sometimes when he wakes up, he will cry and holler until someone comes and picks him up and helps him get down from his crib. However, if you do it fast he is all smiles and will run around happily! (We think he just likes to be out and about so much–he doesn’t want to be confined!) “
Myles has some additional special needs but we aren’t sure what diagnosis they would have. Sometimes he has hard days where he seems frustrated, so his teacher will often distract him with taking a walk.  “He has great gross motor skills and and can run, jump, and climb and he loves to play on the rocking horse. Sometimes he is a little bit mischievous and gets into everything. Myles is paper ready for adoption and we would love to see him in a family! – Bethel

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet little boy, please send me an e-mail. – Jessica

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