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4 years old * Glaucoma * sweet * brave * recent surgery * living at Bethel * was in a Love Without Boundaries program * shared list

NEW VIDEO of Morgan reciting a story in class – November 27, 2018


NEW UPDATE! – September 2018

“Morgan had surgery for his Glaucoma again this summer. The pressure in one of his eyes is down, but the other is still very high. At this point we think that the pressure won’t go down unless he receives better care in the US. We’re sending him to the best doctor we can, but I think their treatment options are limited” – Bethel

Looks like this sweet adorable little guy NEEDS A FAMILY to get the very best care he can! Please share about him. I know his family is out there!

“Morgan can recite texts that they are learning in class, sing along to songs or repeat after the teacher. When he is not repeating he is babbling quite a bit (as seen in the last clip in this new video)” – Anna from Bethel

On January 17th 2018, Morgan will be having another surgery for glaucoma. Please keep in your hearts and prayers.

Morgan’s video playlist

Adoption grants available
If Morgan is adopted through the agency HIC (Hawaii International Child), they have a $6,000 grant for him!!
A private donor has also come forward with a $1,000 grant for Morgan’s family when they receive LOA. 

After 2nd Glaucoma surgery (to relieve pressure) – end of November 2017

End of November 2017 Video! 

Hospital Visit Update on Morgan – November 2017

“Morgan has been at Bethel a little over a month. When he came he hated to walk and cried most of the time because he didn’t know what to expect. As the days went by he seemed really happy in his class and with his teachers and even though walking is still not his favorite activity, he loves being outside so he happily goes for walks twice a day. He is always happy with his teachers so I hadn’t interacted too much with him as I hated to take him away from those he seemed to enjoy.

As we tried to find the best approach to relieve the pressure in his eyes I started spending more time with him taking him to hospital appointments. He wasn’t usually happy at his appointments but we would finish the day by going out for lunch or getting a treat and he didn’t seem to hold all the probing against me.

Last Tuesday he had surgery for his glaucoma and we got to spend the week at the hospital together. I didn’t know what to expect of spending so much time at the hospital with a child still new to us and who couldn’t communicate verbally but we found so many ways to enjoy each other’s company and pass the time.

The first day as he came out of surgery he was uncomfortable still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. I held him and started singing to him. As I continued to sing I noticed he slowly started to clap my hand. He started to clap faster and then I would sing faster. He would clap to a rhythm and I would sing to the same speed and he thought it was so funny.

He was so easy going by the end of our hospital stay he had all nurses and doctors wrapped around his finger. They noticed he liked juice and during the shift change there was always a nurse that would bring a juice box and would try to play with him.

I am worried that because he is non-verbal people will underestimate him for the rest of his life. I am not sure what kind of services he received before coming to us and I am not sure if after receiving more services for a while if he’ll learn to speak. But if he can’t find a family he’ll spend the rest of his life in an orphanage.

If he doesn´t find a family that learns more about him, we may never learn to understand him. He might never learn to speak in full sentences but what most people don’t understand is that he uses so many methods to communicate, it’s just not always verbal.

The day after the surgery he needed to drink an oral medication. The nurse stressed that it was very important that he drank it all. His caregiver and I mentioned he loved having a bottle and decided that since the medication had no taste we would hide it in his bottle. He refused the bottle. We said we would try in his porridge he really liked. He refused it. We said we would soak it in bread as he loved bread. He took a dry piece of bread and refused the soaked one. After all these tries we laughed as we realized we had been telling him where we were hiding the medication. We made the mistake of underestimating him. He understood every word between us and the doctors and we talked as if he was incapable of comprehension. He understood everything we said. We were the ones having trouble understanding him.

What Morgan really wants is to hang out and to stay close. We co-slept through the time he was at the hospital. One day I jokingly said, hey you are in my half of the bed, you are taking all my personal space. He scooted even closer to me, put his head on my chest and put his legs over my legs and laughed. He was teasing me! We laughed so much together. I can only imagine how much laughter he could bring to the right family. He needs dedicated and committed parents. He needs the heart and faith of a mom and dad, he needs someone who will celebrate his development and his successes. And I truly believe that his family needs him too.
He was happy and easy going the whole time we were at the hospital but when I dropped him off at Bethel and said that I wouldn’t see him the next day he cried and clung to me. He loves big and it’s a privilege he chose to love me. After spending so much time with him last week, I miss him. I miss him holding my hand and reaching for me as he fell asleep, I miss him putting his head on my shoulder and clapping my back when I picked him up and I miss his big belly laugh when he teased me. I know there is a family out there that misses him too, they just don´t know it yet.

Please help me share about Morgan, he needs a family and there is a family out there that needs him too!”

Morgan was in “Love Without Boundaries” program. Here is a blog post about him at 3 1/2 years old.

September 24, 2017
“This little boy just arrived at Bethel. He was “Morgan” with Love without Boundaries. AWAA has his file”

October 8, 2017

“In the pictures, you can’t really tell yet but his eyes are getting better. He is on several eye drops 3x a day and it´s made such a difference. He used to rub his eyes all the time and now he rarely does. His hands are finally free to do other things! He is still adjusting but he likes circle time and listening to stories”

Morgan is currently on the shared list. This means you can use any international adoption agency that works with his country. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you have questions about Morgan, another child on TwentyLess, or just have questions about the adoption process, please send me an e-mail. – Jessica