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Posted on Oct 9, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

11 years old * URGENT * severe CHD * $14,000 in adoption grants available * smart, personable, funny, and completely engaging * wants his own family * 


Montgomery is an 11 year old boy who really needs to find his forever home! He has already beat many of the odds stacked against him

Read this advocacy page about him! 

His personality:
He loves to sing and dance, and has a great personality. He is smart, personable, funny and completely engaging. “Montgomery leads the morning exercises and welcomed us each morning with waves and grins without missing a beat.”


Medical and Education: severe CHD. Although his medical condition prevents him from attending school, he is absorbing much from those around him and was quick to learn (and remember) the many new English words he heard.
suffers from a complex heart condition that requires urgent attention. Anyone interested in adopting Montgomery should have his file carefully reviewed before committing to an adoption plan.

His sweet little hand

program and orphanage fee waived!


In his 2015 report it says: 
“The child has good behavior, strong viability, hardworking and clean, neat…He hopes that he can have his own family, the child is full of hope and mental preparation”