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Molly wants a family with a Mom and a Dad * sensible * headstrong * sometimes quiet * enjoys swimming and playing outside *


An active girl who is headstrong.Though she is sometimes quiet, she is extroverted and enjoys talking and spending time with other kids. She’s sensible and loves for things to be clean. Before she leaves a room, she will tidy things up on her own initiative. Like many little girls, she likes acting like a teacher. Although she is growing up, she still likes playing with toys like Barbies. When she is done playing with her friends, she’ll sit and watch them play while she draws, or she’ll style her hair in the mirror. Molly loves sweets and enjoys swimming and going outside to play. She would love to have stars on the ceiling of her room, but mostly she is eager to have her own mom and dad and have a happy life.

Diagnosis and Physical Development

Molly is diagnosed with congenital spina bifida and in 2006, she underwent surgery for myelomeningocele with good post-op recovery. Videos show she can walk, dribble a basketball, jump rope, and hula hoop for a long time! Molly is able to adapt quickly to a new environment.


Molly moved to a boarding school in September 2012. While caregivers don’t notice any developmental delays, her grades are not very strong. That said, her best subject is English.

Molly is waiting for a family on the shared list, but Madison Adoption Associates was able to get a good recent update for her. Molly is doing quite well, but it is important that we find her a family with a MOM AND A DAD, as that is what she wants. Single moms will not be permitted to adopt Molly. An experienced adoptive family or a family who has adopted a child ten or older would be best for Molly!

Click on the Blue “Watch on Vimeo” buttons below to view Molly’s recent videos!

Molly Update from MAA on Vimeo.

Molly Update(2) from MAA on Vimeo

Molly Update(3) from MAA on Vimeo.


1.How is her mental ability compared to peers the same age?
Similar to kids of the same age.
2. How does the special need affect her health?
Not really.
3. Is she potty trained?
Yes, she is.
4. Please describe her personality in details.
She is out-going and active.
5. Is she well behaved and obedient?
She is well-behaved and active.
6. How are her gross motor skills? Can she walk, run, jump, and walk upstairs and downstairs by herself? Can she kick a ball? Can she pick up a ball? Any limited functions?
Great. She can do all of these.
7. How are her fine motor skills? Can she draw or scribble on paper? Can she pick up little things with her fingers?
Great. She can do all of these.
8. Is she in any kind of school? If so, what school?
She is studying at an elementary school with normal performance.
9. How is her emotional development? Is the child attached to anyone? Who is she close to? Does she care for other people?
Good, but she is not attached to anyone. She has a close friend, ZMQ. She knows to care for others.
10. How are her social skills? Does she get along well with other children and adults?
Great. She gets along well with others.
11. Is she under foster care or living in the orphanage?
She lives in the orphanage.
12.Updated Measurements:
Weight:32.5 kg Height:147 cm Head circ: 32 cm Chest circ:65 cm Foot length: 23 cm Number of teeth: 27
13. How is the language ability of the child? What can she say? Can she speak one word, two words or sentences? Can she express her needs well? Is her language ability the same as peers of the same age?
Great. Her language skills are similar to other kids her age. She can express herself well.
14.Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps?
Yes, she can. There is no difference between her and other kids the same age.
15.Anything else you think the family should know about the child?
She wants a mom and a dad.
16. Is the child on any medication?
17. What is the daily schedule of the child?
Get up at 7 a.m., Breakfast at 7:30 a.m., goes to class at 8:30 a.m., Lunch at 11 a.m., class at 2 p.m., Dinner at 5 p.m., Go to bed at 9 p.m.
18. What does the child eat? Can she feed himself? Does the child eat with chopsticks, a spoon, or a bottle?
She can eat on her own with chopsticks or a spoon.
19. Does the child know any English?
Yes, she knows a little English, but not competent enough to speak it in daily life.
20. Does the child want to be adopted? Does the child understand what adoption means?
Yes, she wants to be adopted by a two-parent family and she understands what it means.
21. What are her favorite colors?
She likes green and black.
22. What activity does the child like to do?
Any activity- no favorites.
23. What is the favorite toy of the child?
She likes scooters and hula hoops.

If you would like to know how to adopt Molly, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.