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Ming has a Family!

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

13 years old * hosted in the U.S. * pleasant, helpful, determined, intelligent, courageous *


Ming is currently with GWCA (Great Wall China Adoption). He was hosted in the U.S. through this agency and is now hoping for a family before he ages out.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-3-36-38-pmMing’s host family says this about him:¬†
“13 year old Ming has just blown us away with his pleasant personality, his helpful spirit, his determination, his courage, his intelligence and his obvious hopefulness in finding his forever family. This 13 year old boy continues to impress us day after day with the COURAGEOUS way that he faces life. Having spent all of his life in an orphanage, and dealing with medical issues and a prosthetic leg, Ming’s life experiences have been very limited. But he does NOT let fear prevent him from trying new things. Even when he initially is afraid, you can talk him through it, and he WILL give new things a try. Ming’s intelligence makes itself evident in everything that he does. From how quickly he learns a new game, to his creativity, to how he solves problems, and how well he listens, follows directions, and applies prior learning to new situations, Ming is one very sharp young man.”

“I can’t imagine sending my 13 year old across the world to stay with people I had never met before….think of the courage it takes for these children to come for hosting.” – host mom


“Ming not only pushed the cart all over the store for me, but he helped unload the groceries at the register, helped carry the bags to the car, and helped unload everything at home.” – host mom


“He scares me with his bravery at the playground. He somehow manages to maneuver the prothetic leg over and around obstacles.¬†This child is so tiny, but all muscle from head to toe. The strength in his arms help compensate for the heaviness of the prothetic leg.” – host mom


Ming’s orphanage caregivers described him as having a “grateful heart”.