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Posted on Oct 1, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

smart, affectionate, funny, curious * repaired cleft lip/palate * $2,000 grant * “But I haven’t been adopted yet” * 


From Micah’s host family:

“Micah  is staying with our family now through the GWCA orphan hosting program. In one short week, he will return to China, and in only seven months he will turn 14 and forever lose his chance at a family.


This boy is SO adoptable! He has amazed us at every turn. We fostered a child out of an orphanage when we lived in China, and this experience has been much easier than that one was. Micah wants to be adopted so badly! He has told me about the kids who’ve been adopted in his orphanage and says, “But I haven’t been adopted yet” with these sad eyes. How he wishes for a family of his own!


He is smart, affectionate, funny, curious, and oh so expressive. He has shown himself to be incredibly flexible and willing to try new things. Micah has a resiliency of character that I have rarely seen, an ability to overcome fears, to bounce back from disappointment, and accept correction. He is amazingly well adjusted. But he NEEDS a family.”


Michael’s special need: repaired cleft lip/palate
Grant Available: $2,000 grant

Here is a blog Micah’s host family wrote while he was staying with them. Lots of great photos, stories, and info about this sweet boy.