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Max has a family!

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 by in I Have a Family |

13 years old * low birth weight * no other special needs * sweet and well-behaved * mild mannered and respectful * hosted in the US 2016 * Understands adoption and wants a family of his own

November 2017 Update

“He said he loves playing football, reading, and wants to be an inventor when he grows up!”
Look at how handsome and happy he is up on top of that horse!


Does he have foster siblings? How many and how old? There is a 12 year old girl.
Does he get along with younger children? Older children? He gets along well with older or younger kids.
What grade is he in? Does he go to regular school? How does he do in school? He’s in sixth grade in XX elementary school of XX Town. He does well at school.
What is his personality like? He’s extroverted, active, happy.
Who is he closest with? His foster mother.
Has his leg healed? Is he able to walk and run again? It is healed. He can walk and run again.
What does he enjoy to do? He like sports, soccer.
Did he enjoy his time in the US? Yes, he likes America.

About Max: “Handsome 12-year-old Max was born with a low birth weight, but has no other special needs. He is all smiles, but a bit camera shy. He enjoys playing with the other children and he is described as a sweet and well-behaved boy. He does struggle a little academically. Max is a mild mannered and respectful kid who is waiting for a family in a province that makes the travel part of the process as easy and convenient as possible for an adoptive family.”

“Agency staff met Max in 2015 and he was also hosted in the US in the summer of 2016. Everyone adored him. Max did eventually find a family, but sadly, his family has fallen through to no fault of his own and he is waiting yet again. It is hard to understand why Max has waited all these years, especially when you look at the precious photos of him from a younger age when his file was first prepared. Max has seen many friends leave to go with their forever families. He understands what adoption means and wants a family of his own. We know there has to be a family out there for Max!” – Madison Adoption Associates