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Posted on Apr 22, 2016 by in 20 Aging Out, 20 Bethel Kids (VI) |

13 years old * blind * so very sweet * on the shared list * made much progress at his 10 months at Bethel * qualifies for a $10,000 older child grant at Reece’s Rainbow! * 

Mark’s most recent photos. Was “YiYi” with Gladney.


As you can see comparing his updated photos above with the photos below while he was at Bethel, this little guy needs a family right now!

Sweet Mark

Handsome Mark is 7 and he is blind. He is the sweetest little boy who learned to walk just this year while he lived at Bethel for 10 months. He is now back in his orphanage as they are finding him a school in his area so he can be registered properly. He is on the shared list! Bethel saw some incredible improvements in him despite his lack of early intervention. Mark is a precious child and they would love to see him find a family!

A video from Summer 2014. “Mark was only at Bethel for a few months but he improved so much. He went from being very weak and not being able to sit unattended to walking with little help. He had to go back to his orphanage and needs a family who would be accepting all the unknowns from no early intervention. – Bethel

You can donate to Mark’s adoption account at Reece’s Rainbow

Another comment from Bethel:
“He was at Bethel only for 10 months when he was 7 years old. He couldn’t stand or walk or swallow when he came from lack of early intervention. In the time he was with us he learnt to walk holding someone’s hand or pushing a stroller/walker or other mobility device. He started eating solid food and made impressive improvements. He really needs a family to help him overcame his hard start.”

Mark October 2014

Unfortunately, Mark is no longer at Bethel because his orphanage decided to take him back. The staff at Bethel are very worried about him and are praying that a family comes for him today!

Please send me an e-mail if your heart is being tugged by this precious boy. He can progress, he just needs the attention only a family can give him. His future doesn’t look good staying in an orphanage.