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9 years old * Born January 2011 * cleft palate * CHD * developmental delays * cute and sweet * needs a special family to help her progress

Fall 2016 update
She is “Ayla” with CCAI

“Ayla has not received rehabilitation training and also has not had surgery. Ayla can walk with support, but she cannot speak. She uses diapers all day long. At night time she goes to sleep fairly late, usually around 11pm and in the morning wakes up around 8am. Neither of her hands are very agile. She likes her ears and cheeks. She needs an adult to feed her and she likes to eat sticky things. She also likes to eat hard foods. Ayla likes quiet and is a little bit afraid of strangers. She likes to play by herself and does not like to play with other children.

Ayla’s behavior, language, and intelligence are delayed quite a bit compared to other children.”

Here is a November 2016 video

Update from Fall 2015
Marieli is now living with a foster family. She is a healthy little girl and rarely gets sick. Compared to children of the same age, Marieli is still very delayed. She does crawl, stand, and walk with assistance.

updatefall2015- updatefall2015
Marieli is cooperative with her caregivers, but rarely talks and says few well-pronounced words. She is happiest when her caregivers play with her, offer her toys, or hug her. Marieli has quite an appetite and eats a wide range of foods. There is a small hole in her palate, so some foods are difficult for her to eat. It is said that she is receiving rehabilitation training, but no details were given.

Marieli has a fear of meeting strangers and her caregivers say she has an introverted personality. There are many pictures as well as a recent video available through WACAP for families considering bringing home Marieli.

This child’s file is currently on the shared list, but WACAP will still honor the original grant of $4,000 for a qualified family. You can send them an e-mail to inquire about adopting Marieli through them.

updated photo

little Marieli
marieli updated

marieli update
From Love Without Boundaries:

“During the 2012 LWB cleft exchange, Marieli had cleft palate surgery.  She was a particular favorite on the cleft trip, receiving lots of cuddling from the American and Chinese volunteers.  The doctors blogged about Marieli and her surgery, and you can read all about it here.  After surgery, Marieli recovered at LWB’s Henan Healing Home where she was adored.  In May, she graduated from the Healing Home into foster care.”



“From the cleft exchange trip, we remember a curious and engaged little girl following our volunteers around to see what they were doing. In this brief video clip, Marieli seems quite taken with Chris Ingoldsby from LWB’s Board of Directors as she zooms around the room in her walker!”

“During her time on the cleft exchange and in HHH, we were so excited for the next adventure that we hoped lay ahead for her:  Adoption.

Marieli-2-med-e1375109274996 Marieli-6-med-e1375109340611

“Little Marieli seems to have a great sense of humor: we’ve heard that lately, she likes to sit in front of the mirror, smiling at the other Marieli smiling back at her. She merrily stretches out her hand to touch and kiss her reflection in the mirror. If you ask her to do it again, she is thrilled! She will lean in again to kiss herself, proud that she has made you happy too.

How much would a mother love to watch her sweet girl do this!”

Marieli 6 med

“Marieli is not in a LWB foster program, but she does live with a foster family. A fun game she likes to play at home is letting her foster mom put a building block on her head – then, of course, within a few seconds, when the block slides from her head, Marieli pulls at her foster mom’s hand and motion for her to do it again. She also imitates this independently, and puts the block on her own head, giggling with joy when it slides off.”

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Marieli, please send me an e-mail.