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outgoing * active * lives in a foster family, sponsored by Love Without Boundaries * loves playing with other children

“She is close to the children who live with her and she loves playing games with the other children.”

Her Development:
“Maria can run and can go up and down stairs without help. She is independent with her self-care skills and can brush her teeth, as well as put on and take off her clothes. She can also eat and toilet independently. Maria can say simple words, such as baba and mama. She can’t speak clearly, but she can speak a short sentence of up to 5 words. Maria can finish simple actions according to the her foster mother or special education teacher’s instructions.”

Maria has cerebral palsy.

Her History and Needs:
Maria was found as an infant and diagnosed with brain hypoplasia- a common diagnosis of her orphanage. Sadly, Maria did not get a file made ready until the summer of 2018 and she has agreed to be adopted. Now that she has a file, we want to make sure Maria is seen and hope that she is chosen before she would age out at fourteen.

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Watch a video about her hereĀ 

If you would like to know more about how to adopt Maria, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica