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Luanne has a Family!

Posted on Jun 5, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

Born in May 2008 * spina bifida and clubfoot * bright and a fast learner * loves to dance

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Report from April 2016
“She isn’t able to be in a normal educational environment, but she is very bright and she is a fast learner. She is in a second grade level classroom at the orphanage.
She does not use a wheelchair. She is walking, running, jumping and climbing. She is really good at dancing and she is the lead dancer!”

Earlier Report

“Luanne is a good assistant to her caregivers and teachers, offering them help ever since she could walk and talk. She is the “little mom” among the children, helping the younger kids with bathing and dressing.

Caregivers say she is bright, and has her own ideas. Since starting school she loves writing characters, and often stays in the classroom extra time to practice! After finishing she will show her work off to adults; the caregivers and teachers are all proud of her. She can also recognize characters and is learning math.
She is diagnosed with spina bifida and a club foot; she has received surgery for spina bifida, but they don’t plan to treat her club foot until she is 14 years old. However, her diagnoses do not impact her walking or even dancing; when practicing dance she is always the quickest study.

She isn’t scared when it comes to performing, and she’s a good singer too! All the caregivers like listening to her singing; she has a crisp and bright singing voice.