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Lily has a Family!

Posted on May 31, 2015 by in I Have a Family |

Updated photos from June 2015!

Lily cutie
Lily grocery cart
Lily sweetheart

Lili is a sweet girl. She loves cuddles and especially loves it when she has her tummy tickled. She can’t help but dissolve into fits of laughter!

Lily smile

with nanny
Lily pink dressLily

 “Lily can feed herself with a spoon, drink water from her own cup and eat with her hands if there are snacks on the table. She is happy to walk around and play in her home, classroom and environments that are familiar to her, such as her local playground. In a new environment, she is a little afraid and asks for help and guidance from adults. She can say lots of simple words and a few little sentences in Chinese.” – Bethel

younger lili younger lili 2

This is a video of Lily’s First Words!

“Lily is a little bit stubborn, she doesn’t like to talk to new people, and so her teachers gently prompt her when she meets somebody new. To those who she feels familiar with, she takes initiative and walks to them to climb into their arms for a hug and a cuddle. This is her favorite place! She likes being held and listening to her Bethel teachers sing, and she will follow along the songs by humming.

Lily sweet
Lily clap

She was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye) but she has been in remission since April 2013 and we have seen her grow stronger and happier in the time since.  She wears prosthetics in both eyes. When she came under our care she already had one eye removed and had to have the other eye removed soon after.  She is getting stronger and more curious about the world.  We are glad this adorable girl is in our care!

Love is Blind in Zhengzhou is located within the Zhengzhou social welfare centre, who have provided a space for Bethel to care for their visually impaired orphans. The centre was opened in December 2011. We have some wonderful ayis and teachers at this project and we hope that our project in the Zhengzhou orphanage will be an example to other orphanages, and that we can be a witness of high-quality care. These visually impaired children in Zhengzhou live under Bethel’s care in 2 apartments near the orphanage. Bethel provides specialized care, therapy, medical checks and education for these children.” – Bethel

You can see her page on Bethel’s site here.

Here is a post about adopting a child with a vision impairment.