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Liberty Belle has a Family!!

Posted on May 5, 2014 by in I Have a Family |

Here is a new video of Liberty from May 2015! She is saying she wants to go to America. She wants a mom and dad..

Liberty Belle

She is diagnosed with right hemiparesis. Liberty has waited for a family of her own for a very long time. She is now on the shared list. Watch this video of her belting a song into a microphone. It is from July 2012.

Here are some photos from Spring 2013

Liberty Spring 2013

Liberty Spring 2013

Liberty Spring 2013
Her Report from SPRING 2013

Can she use her right arm and hand to do daily activities?
She can take care of herself most of time, needs foster parents help occasionally.

What are her favorite activities?
Watch TV and outdoor activities.

Does she receive any medical care or therapy for her right arm and hand?
She receives therapy training twice a week.

Does she take any medication?

Can she speak in sentences?

Does she attend a school?
No. She is attending our foster care center special education class.

What is her favorite activity in school?
She loves music.

What is her current height and weight? (Spring 2013)
Height 140 cm = 4’7″
Weight  28 kg = 61 lbs 11 oz
Foot 20 cm = 7.87″