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Liam has a family!

Posted on Nov 3, 2017 by in I Have a Family |

living at Bethel * low vision * shared list * watch his videos below! * turns 2 yrs old Feb 18′ *

Liam’s playlist of videos.


This little guy is REALLY adorable. He has low vision but seems to get around and is developmentally doing quite well! Please consider this little guy as your son.

JANUARY 2018 Video

Special Need/Environment: His nannies noticed his behaviors were a little different from the other kids’ – he was not following people with his eyes, and he preferred quieter environments. His orphanage diagnosed him with a vision impairment and symptoms of blindness, and sent him to a care center that specializes in caring for children with vision impairments. He has not had any treatment on his eyes. He has been living at Bethel since December 2016.

Development: He recently started crawling and there is no stopping him. He is attached to his teachers and caregivers and will cry if he feels he is not getting attention. He can stand up with support and walk holding onto something and can babble. His file says he has cerebral palsy but he is progressing so much and it’s hard to say if he does.  He can crawl around the room, but he needs his caretaker’s help when it comes to tasks like feeding. He can babble, but he is not saying words quite yet.

Personality: Liam really likes to spend time cuddling with his nannies or playing interactive games with them. He will show his bright smile whenever he plays!  This sweet little guy is very content playing and laughing with his nannies!