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Lexi has a Family!

Posted on Jun 14, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

Born August 2011 * strong and sweet * loves to play games and read books  * epidermis bullosa * urgent for consistent care and the best treatments from her own loving family *

Lexi 2
July 2016 Update! (Madison Adoption Associates got this update)

Mental ability compared to peers of same age? Her mental ability is the same as peers of her age.
She knows most things. She can express her needs clearly, can communicate with adults by language.
She can put on pants and shoes by herself. She feeds herself. She goes upstairs and downstairs. She
knows right and wrong, can also help adults to do some work she is capable of.
How does the SN affect her health? She needs very careful and attentive care. But she is very
strong, rarely gets sick, not even cold.
Is she potty trained? If she goes to toilet , she will need to take off pants and touch toilet often
which may cause skin issue. We have not started toilet training yet. She is still on diapers.
Please describe her personality in details She used to be a very happy child. But due to her SN,
she cannot have very close physical contact with other kids. Gradually, she turned to be more
introverted and likes being quiet. She often sits there quietly to watch other kids playing. When other
kids laugh, she will smile too. She likes being with little kids and feed them. She sometimes can be
stubborn and hard to change her mind.

july 2016 update Lexi1
Is she well behaved and obedient? She is well behaved. She is obedient to familiar people but
will be stubborn with unfamiliar people.
Gross motor skills:  Can she walk, run, jump, walk upstairs and downstairs by himself? Can she
kick a ball? Can she pick up a ball? Any limited functions? Due to her SN, her gross motor skills have
been affected. Her toes are abnormal now. She can only walk but cannot run. She cannot jump off
with two feet. She can go upstairs or downstairs by herself, can kick balls, can pick up balls.
Fine motor skills: Can she draw, scribble on paper? Can she pick little things with fingers? Her fine
motor skill is good. She can draw, cut paper, scribble. But her fingers cannot stretch straight.
Is she in any kind of school? If so, what school? Can she catch up in school? She is too little for
school but receives early education in Angel’s home.
Emotional development:  Is the child attached to anyone? Who is she close to? Does she care for
other people? Emotional development is normal. She obeys rules, knows to share, can express
happiness and anger. She has her own ideas. She is close to the caretakers who is often with her. She
is attached to them and care for them. She will ask what they were doing , what they took, what they
want, etc.
Social Skills: Does she get along well with other children and adults? She is more
introverted, can get along well with other kids and adults. She likes going outside with kids of same
age or interact with little ones.
Is she under foster care or live in the orphanage? If foster, when did she enter the foster
home? How does she do there? Has it been the same foster home all the time? She has been in
Angel’s home since Sept.1, 2011. She gets good care here , has good mental and physical development.
Update sizes Height 90.5cm; Weight 10.4kg; Head: 44.5cm; Chest49cm; Foot: 12.5cm; 10 teeth
on top, 10 teeth underneath.
Langauage: What can she say? Can she speak one word, two
words or sentences ? Can she express her needs well? Is her language ability same as peers of
same age? Language is normal. She can say most of basic words and sentences, can express her needs
very well. Her speech is a little unclear but can communicate normally.
Can she follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? Yes.

Anything else you think the family should know about the child? She needs very careful and patient
care for her skin. She needs bath and changing medicine each day and avoid any unnecessary friction.
Because she lacked the opportunity to have very close physical contact, her personality had some
impact. She needs more time to establish the sense of security and needs more love.

Is she on any medication? One calcium tablet per day.

You can see her newest video here! Use password: Adoptmaa

Lexi 3

Lexi was born in August 2011 and is a strong, sweet girl who loves to play games and read picture books with her nanny! She was born with a skin condition called epidermis bullosa which needs extra care and attention; her skin is easily affected by friction and even small knocks, resulting in painful blisters and sores. She must eat soft foods in order to minimize irritation caused by chewing and swallowing.

Her skin condition has taught her she must carefully protect herself from bumps and friction. Other caregivers and less-familiar staff avoid holding her in order to prevent skin irritation—only her experienced nanny will very carefully hold her to give her the warmth and affection that she needs. Her caregivers say that she is sensitive and wary of strangers, but she seldom cries except when her bandages need to be changed. She has received special care to minimize her pain, and her caregivers are constantly looking for better medical treatment to improve her condition.
Updated information tells us that she fares better in the winter compared to the summer months, and that they use powdered medicine to help her skin heal.

Lexi collage

Her growth report indicates that her cognitive development is normal compared to other children, and that she can express her needs and feelings, though at times her speech is a little unclear. She can count blocks and can answer questions such as “where do you live?”. She has good fine motor skills and can use a utensil to feed herself as well as wash her hands on her own. She is slowly improving her balance and can walk slowly by herself. Her caregivers say that she rarely ever becomes sick, and has no known food or drug allergies. She is still in diapers and needs a little help from her caregivers when putting on her clothes.