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Lexi has a family!

Posted on Jul 6, 2017 by in I Have a Family |

4 years old * LOTS of videos! * adorable and spunky * loving and active * vision impairment * currently listed with Madison Adoption Associates *  attends school at her orphanage facilitated by Bethel.

Feel free to contribute to her adoption account at Reece’s Rainbow! 🙂


“Lexi will be 5 years old in February. She has been attending preschool at Bethel for 1 ½ years. She comes to school Monday-Friday from 8-4:30 pm. Bethel doesn’t do foster care in her orphanage. For a little while she was in foster care organized by another nonprofit that works in her orphanage but for the last year she has been living in the orphanage. There are currently 9 children attending our school. Most of the other children came when they were older and have additional special needs. None of the other children are verbal and we believe this has affected her development as well. She doesn’t have any peers she can interact with. Even though the other children are older than her they are developmentally behind.”

“She can speak in short sentences. She can make some requests and sometimes answer simple questions. In the last few weeks we have seen a change in her behaviors. She used to be a very happy little girl who played easily on her own or with teachers. She used to be able to follow commands and two step directions. She could sing along to songs. Now she seeks people out and wants to be with someone all the time. If they don’t respond right away she will start hitting herself indicating she needs someone to be with her and help her regulate.”

“She is generally happier when she has a person with her. The teachers have had to assign her a teacher as her hands were becoming bruised and swollen. The teacher is worried about how the orphanage is affecting her and she has brought her out of the orphanage on weekends and she has never hit herself when they are together outside of the orphanage. They have a really sweet relationship and she is comforted by her when she is upset.”


The video that accompanies this update

September 2017 photos and video

Lexi is adorable, spunky, loving, and active.  She was born with a vision impairment (her left eyeball is missing and she has leukoma of her right eye which is a white opacity or scarring on the cornea).  Lexi has some light perception in her right eye. She receives rehab at Bethel foster home where she is learning how to navigate, care for her needs, and be as self sufficient as possible.

Lexi needs a family who will provide her the foundation she needs to grow and succeed. She has been given the best start to this at Bethel, and now it is time for her to have a family! Lexi is waiting for you!