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Levi has a Family!

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

4 years old * loves music * sings himself to sleep * blind with light perception * shunt for hydrocephalus *lives at Bethel Foster Home


Bethel Levi June 1 Web-2
Bethel Levi June 1 Web-9

Bethel Levi June 1 Web-12
“Levi came to Bethel when he was 9 months old. He is completely blind but his blindness didn’t prevent him from growing into a happy boy who loves laughing and being amused. When he wants attention from his nannies this cheeky little boy likes to pretend he’s still a baby or that needs to be picked up. He now attends pre-school and is very strong-minded, according to his nannies. They take good care of him and it’s a joy to see him grow. We love this little boy!” – Bethel

2016 1 Levi

Levi doing play therapy

2016 2 Levi play therapy
“He has been at Bethel since November of 2012, and he was such a tiny little peanut when he arrived! “

9 months old Levi

“Levi loves music and he will hum along to songs and sing to himself to sleep. He also likes to play with musical toys. He started preschool in September 2015. He recently started speech therapy and can verbalize some of his needs and preferences and is learning some basic signs as well. Levi is blind with some light perception and had a shunt put in as a baby for hydrocephalus. He has some delays but is slowly catching up with other children his age. Just one hour of therapy a week has already helped him improve so much. Imagine how much he could grow in his very own family!”


November 2015

2015 Nov Levi
September 2015

2015 9 First Day Levi

August 2015

2015 8 Levi swimming
July 2015

2015 7 Levi floatie
May 2015

2015 5 Levi
February 2015
“Levi is not convinced about the big ball…because it keeps moving behind him!”

2015 2 Levi big ball

January 2015

2015 1 Levi sweet

December 2014

2014 12

November 2014

2014 11 Levi walking
January 2014 update
“Levi is doing really well. 2013 was his year to get stronger and feel safe in his environment. 2014 is his year to meet those development goals, including walking and talking! He is doing really well, we can’t believe how much he has grown. Such a cutie!”