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Landry has a Family!

Posted on Jan 4, 2018 by in I Have a Family |


FROM RECENT UPDATE “Is Landry receiving any therapies? If so, what therapies? Yes, she has physical therapy everyday afternoon. From the video you can tell she changes so much since her trip to US. She is very happy and cheerful. She is willing to try to walk more with walker. She told us maybe a family would adopt her when she is able to walk without any assistant. (It breaks my heart, same time I feel so proud of this girl, wish we could help her to find a family)”

From those who were with her at camp

“Will participate some with transfer to bed/ wheelchair, low tone but great smile. Love seeing her smile. Independent in many tasks – easy going but doesn’t like dogs/mascots.”

“Landry chugged right along with us and joined us outside for the crafts and she seemed to enjoy them. I didn’t see her smile as much. She seemed quiet to me, but again I was just assisting and was not one on one with her.”

“I spent the most time with Landry. I was there the first and second night over night. When she first arrived, she was in tears. She cried all night long. The second night, we bonded more, and I gave her a bath. I figured out when the fuse blew that she was afraid of the dark. She loves to do things herself, even though we all tried to do things for her. Her legs are very cold, and she really loves it when I massages them with lotion. Landry began smiling more and we had a fun time getting ready for bed. The lights went out, and things got really quiet, and I heard her crying. She kept repeating that she wanted to go home. She motioned that she wanted her flashlight, so I gave it to her and she smiles from ear to ear! I then started singing to her, and she started singing to me! In fact, she sang all night long. I felt bad because she didn’t sleep much, but I figured it was better than her staying awake and crying. She is very sweet, gentle, sensitive, and obviously loves to sing! She asked to see my phone, so I showed her the voice recording app, and that was her favorite thing ever! She loved to sing and listen to it back;-)! I used my pic slideshow app since it allows you to add music to slide shows. I made a slide show of the first day of camp pics with her singing in the background. Landry really touched my heart, and I miss her terribly. Her smile is contagious and once she starts, she can’t stop!”

“Landry was very sweet and wanted to do the things the other kids wanted to do. During part of the time at the botanical garden I pushed Landry around. Even though we had to go the long way up the wheelchair ramp, and it took her a while to get in the hammock, she never complained. She always had a positive manner and had fun looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. At Chickfila she really wanted to climb the play area, so I and another volunteer helped get one level up.”

“I spent the most time with Landry. She seemed to enjoy coloring and drawing pictures the most. Her personality is kind, honest and forthright, and is very caring toward younger children. I was moved when Landry asked me “What does God look like?” after I gave the gospel presentation on July 4th. I brought my two-year-old son along on several kids camp events, and Landry seems inquisitive about him, and went out of her way to be kind to him. She drew me a picture of a little boy standing in front of a house, and explained, “This is your little boy, in front of your house!”, and gave it to me as a gift. When we were watching fireworks, she insisted that I record it in my phone for him to watch later, as he had already gone home. She often welcomed the other three-year-old girl (from the orphanage) to sit on her lap, and loved playing with her. No doubt she would be a kind older sister, should she be given the opportunity one day.

“After a couple days of camp, Landry warmed right up to camp and the volunteers. At the beginning of camp, she was a little frustrated that we didn’t know what she needed or how to communicate with her. Once we found a coloring book and crayons—Landry all of a sudden wore a huge smile on her face. She loved to color and was really good at it too! While the other girls ran around and played on the playground, Landry was completely content to play catch with a giant ball, color, or blow bubbles. Landry was very particular about things. She liked to have her hair completely dried before going to bed each night, did not like wearing loose fitting clothes, and wanted to know where her belongings were. Landry was the happiest during our afternoon of water activities. One of our volunteers held her up on the side of the baby pool, so she could be part of the action. Landry liked shooting water at the other girls and splashing in the pool!”


TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.