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Kiera has a Family!

Posted on Oct 8, 2016 by in I Have a Family |

 loves to play with friends * excellent verbal communication * taking English classes *






How does her special need affect her daily life?
There is very little affection caused by her needs, she is pretty good in self care ability.

Is she in school? If so, what grade?
Yes, she is in grade 8.

Is she speaking any English?
She is able to greet people in English.

Does she have any cognitive delays compared to her peers?
There is no greatly lagging behind in her cognition.

Does she have any language delays compared to her peers?
Not delayed

“This sweet girl is Kiera! She 13 years old and will be aging out this May. She is amazing and in need of a forever family! Her file states that she had intracranial hemorrhaging, but she has had surgery and is doing great. She lacks some mobility in her left hand, but other than that her mobility is fantastic. She loves to run, jump, and play with her friends! She has excellent verbal communication and is even taking English classes! Her caretakers mention that she is not delayed on her cognitive skills and is on target compared to her peers. She is a sweet girl who would thrive with a forever home!”