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10 years old * had a file since 2 yrs and no updates until now! * smart, active, easy-going, cute * He wants to be adopted! * congenital dislocation of hip joint * esotropia * possible mild cp * see all of his videos below!

From his Foster mom
“Kendrick’s foster mother is pleading for us to find Kendrick a family. She describes Kendrick as smart, active, easy-going, and cute. She said he can take good care of himself and that he is quick to respond. He wants to be adopted too! Sounds a lot like his file from when he was just two years old, when he was described as simple, honest, clever, gentle, and smiley.”

Kendrick, born April of 2008, is a sweet boy who had a file made ready when he was two years old, yet he still continues to wait! His file continued to sit and sit for years on the shared list and was not once updated all this time…until now!

Kendrick’s file officially lists him as having congenital dislocation of hip joint and esotropia. His foster mother mentioned that his hands are not that skillful. There is a possibility that Kendrick may have another need, such as mild CP, that was not listed in his file when he was younger.We want a family to be prepared for that.

1.How is his mental ability compared to peers of the same age? He has normal intelligence.
2. How does the special need affect his health? His upper arms and hands have limited function, but he can take care of himself.
3. Is he potty trained? Yes, he is.
4. Please describe his personality in details. He is outgoing and active and he gets along well with other kids and his teachers. 
5. Is he well behaved and obedient? Yes, he is.
6. How are his gross motor skills? Can he walk, run, jump, walk upstairs and downstairs by himself? Can he kick a ball? Can he pick up a ball? Any limited functions? He can walk well and climb stairs when holding the handrail. He runs slowly. 
7. How are his fine motor skills? Can he draw or scribble on paper? Can he pick up little things with his fingers? His fingers are not very smart, but he can draw pictures and eat with a spoon. 
8. Is he in any kind of school? If so, what school? Can he catch up in school? He has been studying in the orphanage, like numbers, oral calculation, and reciting poems.
9. How is his emotional development? Is the child attached to anyone? Who is he close to? Does he care for other people? Great. He is attached to his foster mom and he knows to care for others. 
10. How are his social skills? Does he get along well with other children and adults? Great. He gets along well with others. 
11. Is he under foster care or living in the orphanage? If foster, when did he enter the foster home? How does he do there? Has it been the same foster home all the time? He has been living happily in his foster family.
12. Updated Measurements: Height:128cm,head circ.: 52cm,foot length: 18cm,weight: 53kg
13. How is the language ability of the child? What can he say? Can he speak one word, two words or sentences? Can he express his needs well? Is his language ability the same as peers of the same age? He can express himself clearly by speaking sentence by sentence. However, sometimes he cannot pronounce a couple of words clearly. 
14.Can the child follow directions of adults? One step, two steps, or three steps? Yes, he can.
15. Is the child on any medication? No.
16. What is the daily schedule of the child? He has been studying in the Special Education class in the orphanage from Monday to Friday. He goes back to his foster family in the evening.
17. What does the child eat? Can he feed himself? Does the child eat with chopsticks, spoon, or a bottle? Normal meals. He can eat with a spoon and drink with a cup.
18. Does the child know any English? No
19. Does the child want to be adopted? Does the child understand what adoption means? Yes, he does.
20. What color does the child like?  Red.
21. What activity does the child like to do? Reciting poems and playing with other kids.
22. What is the favorite toy of the child? Toy guns and toy cars.

Kendrick is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates and he is from an orphanage we formerly partnered with.

Grant Available
There is a $1,000 agency grant for Kendrick’s adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) and to families that are officially matched with a child.

Kendrick needs a family with an approved home study to be able to hold his file or move forward with adopting him. If you have an approved home study or a home study in process and are interested in adopting Kendrick, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:…/…


Kendrick reciting

Kendrick getting a drink

Kendrick eating

Kendrick talking

Kendrick drinking and a smile

Kendrick eating with a spoon and talking

If you would like to know more about adopting this sweet boy, please send me an e-mail! – Jessica

TwentyLess is not an agency, it is an advocacy site run by an adoptive mom (me) who would love to see every child with a family of their very own.