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joyful, silly, spunky, and a little sassy * $2,000 grant available * 11 years old * Is not┬ámentally or physically delayed, even though her special need is “severe intellectual delay” * hosted winter 2016-2017

If you don’t see anything else on this page, watch the video “Kara being helpful”! Just saying. This is a selfless, sweet, smart little girl.


This is a really great post by her host family on some of her background and her personality! She sounds wonderful!

Kara loves baths Kara feeding baby doll

Kara eating
When Kara arrived to stay with her host family

Kara first day hosting

Just a few days after Kara’s arrival to her host family, they said this about her
“Slowly but surely we are learning more about each other. Kara loves sweets! Chocolate especially, we went to aldi the other day and the only thing she showed me she wanted was a bag of snickers!!! Kara also loves playing in the snow. She asked multiple times if we could again today, but the temperature was too cold (-25 degrees). She is a smart girl! Her file, although brief, mentioned severe intellectual delay. This is not the case at all. She is not delayed, mentally or physically. This is one reason we are asked to take her to the Dr. Many times their files are not only old but inaccurate as well. It is important for a potential forever family to have accurate information.”

Kara getting ready for snowKara snow


“I included a video of her helping me with breakfast the other morning. Raya likes to choose the fork she wants to use (spoiled) so you can see Kara showing her two forks and letting her pick and then starts to hand out the scrambled eggs! She is such a great helper, always one step ahead of me, ready and willing to help any way she can.” – host mom

“Kara turns 11 in January. This weekend we celebrated her birthday. We drove up to my sister’s apartment in Minneapolis and went swimming in her pool. All the kids LOVED it! Kara and Audrey were in the pool for a long time. Kara loved the water even putting her face in with no problems. After swimming we ate some cake, Kara had two pieces! She had another piece for breakfast this morning ­čÖé Here are some pictures and a video from our adventures yesterday.” – host mom

Kara turned 11Kara birthday party 11
Kara swimming party

She got along great with the younger ones

Kara with baby Kara teaching majong tiles

Kara looking out the window Kara goofing around
“This picture is from Friday, Kara colored the picture and then wrote her name in English (she did pretty well without any help)! On the right hand upper corner of that picture she placed a sticker that reads “adopt me.” She had no idea what it said, but her family is out there, maybe this is the sign you were looking for ;)” – host mom

Kara coloring

“A HUGE thank you to┬áKopper Family Dental, not only did they donate her exam and x-rays a week ago, they also donated Kara’s filling and did some awesome preventative care for her teeth today!! Kara did awesome, she was such a rock star. We were able to successfully fix her cavity she had. There is one other tooth that is chipped, but when we finished the first side she was ready to be done. The chipped tooth isn’t as big of a deal as the cavity, we were just going to fix it for her if we were able. Because of the amazing people at Kopper Family Dental, Kara can go back to China and not have to worry about this cavity causing further problems or pain!” – host mom

Kara first visit to the dentist

kara at the dentist 2

Kara at the dentist
“I noticed the other day Kara had mastered the scissors! When she first arrived she didn’t know how to hold them correctly and had a difficult time using them. While watching her the other day, it hit me, she couldn’t do this when she got her!” – host mom

kara cutting paper

A few days before she left

Kara fun
kara glasses
The night before her departure

Kara the night before
At the airport, time to go back

Kara going back 3

Kara going back
kara going back 2
“I know I sound like a broken record, but please, please keep sharing her story. I know her family is out there, perhaps viewing my blog, her pictures, maybe they can’t get her out of their head. One person can’t change the world, but one person can change Kara’s world.” – host mom

If you would like to know more about how to adopt this sweet girl, please send an e-mail to Meredith at GWCA.
You may also send me an e-mail at any time about Kara, or any other child on TwentyLess. – Jessica